Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Being a big news channel fan, I switched on to one of the channels I consider serious and was shocked to see the “breaking news ticker” – Mufti Mohamad Syed demands common currency (Indian & Pakistani) for the state of J&K. As expected, there was some furor in the political circles against the statement. Since I had a flight to catch early morning, I switched off the TV and dozed off being sure of the fact that the controversy would continue for next few days with Mufti’s statement being brutally scrutinized and criticized.

To my amazement, the very next night when I got some access to news channels, there wasn’t even a hint of the news. The controversy had disappeared like a flash in the pan.

There are two major areas of concerns, first the statement it self. Mufti Mohammad Syed is better known as a former CM of the state with the most media-covered point of his life being the kidnapping incident of his daughter Rubiya Syed and she getting freed in return of few terrorists getting released. I don’t comment if bowing down the demands of terrorists was correct that too by a leader who is supposed to lead by examples. Most of us would have done what he did. But as soon as the nation bowed down, Mufti owed a lot to the nation – irrespective of even if his loyalties are not with us assuming the conspiracy theories don’t prove that it was all a well staged drama. Assuming it was not, one expects better responsibilities form such a person. But the expectations were belied when I heard him demanding “common currency” for the state of J&K which we so proudly have been announcing over the years to be integral part of the nation. At least we believe in it, others and ground reality might be otherwise. Mufti’s statement blatantly exposes a scary truth – presence of pro Pakistani population in J&K. Because in this age if you want to gauge the real trends of demographics of a particular region, see what politicians are promising. Which is why OBC quota has suddenly become the bigger tool for the social reforms after Raja Ram Mohan Rai’s or Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts in their days for the betterment of the society? Common currency demand clearly showcases that our politicians believe it’s perennially important to woo the existing pro-Pakistani public in J&K because it’s a sizable chunk and it’s not at all an integral part of India as GoI claims. There were eyebrows raised in few corners as expected but no one condemned the statement with the intensity they showed in welcoming the OBC quota. After all, later secures votes whereas the former carries the risk of jeopardizing it.

The second area of concern was the speed at which the issue died down. Here was someone demanding the acceptance of currency (which is the lifeline of any nation’s economy, of Pakistan) live on TV and our Sabse Tej News channels were more interested in showing why Khali the Bali ran away from a fight in WWF. The issue got less than deserving space in most of the news papers. Perhaps our media thinks it’s more important to unearth the love bites on a popular actress’s back rather than cover, discuss and condemn a statement made by a responsible politician (???) which doubts the national integrity.

Hail the politics and its coverage, to hell with the rest!!!


Spiff said...

That maybe cos of two things..

People not really interested..or mayb..agencies clamping down as in no need to disrupt the current calm in kashmir

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

the very same agencies give full attention to one of the most popular nephews in Indian politics to disrupt the peace in a certain state...
People not really interested...well i dnt think they r interested in what is the color of Khali's underwear or how Rakhi Sawant spent her V day

Spiff said...