Monday, April 07, 2008

One two three!!!

It was one of the most honest examples of product selling I have ever seen. The area where I reside in Mumbai has two Fames with in a distance of few hundred meters. Being a movie buff, I was suffering without a movie dose for over a couple of weeks. So I went to see Bhram, an Illusion. Seeing no crowd on the ticket window in the third day of the movie release made me a little worried. I asked the guy at the ticket window for the movie ticket only to get a reply – “Sir, kyon paise barbaad kar rahe hain. Sunday evening hai, jaake so jaiye.”. I asked him how the other movie is – Shaurya is and he said it’s equally bad. He said “If you are so desperate to see a movie, please go for One Two Three in the other Fame. Hence I decided to go for the movie and to my surprise the hall was full.

The moment I entered it was the new Eros of Bollywood, Upel Patel dancing with Tanish aka Nikky on screen. The hard work on her body and its exposure seems to have worked with Tanisha very well and he got another opportunity to oblige us with a cleavage show within two years. Just that the show was little restrained.

One Two Three is a decent comedy where most of the hall was laughing for a considerable good amount of times. Sanjay Mishra aka Apple Singh does an amazing job to tickle the funny bones along with Hirjee , Mukesh Tiwary and few more unknown actors. Audience looked bored only when the main heroes came on screen – Suneel Shetty, Tushar Kapoor and Paresh Rawal (who surprisingly looks boring).

I think Suneel Shetty looked best in Balwaan with his bulging biceps because he was one of the few pioneers to start the tradition of 6 packs in Bollywood. One should quit at his peak so that people ask “Why?” He decided otherwise to give us numerous chances to ask “why not and how long” about his acting. To make the matters worse, he is trying his hands at comedy. Even the participants of Biggest Looser Jeetega acted better than him on his reality show.

I really envy Tushar Kapoor and I know entire country does. After all with a looks as different from Jitendra's good looks as  Tendulkar's upper cut from Saba Karim's and talent for acting as good as my talent for Sumo Wrestling, he keeps resurfacing like phoenix. Even phoenix might be blessed as much as him. Still he has played a plethora of characters in The Lover Boy (Mujhe Kuch Kahna Hai), an honest policeman (Khakhi), an underworld don (Shootout…), surprise attraction(???) in an item song (Sunday). Just wait for the day when he will play Vijay in Zanjeer’s remake soon to be announced by Ram Gopal Verma. He plays an aspiring underworld don where his heroine Isha Deol looks more macho then him. Although, she looks more macho than the most. Sameera Reddy is just about a deep cut shirt and looks old enough to be casted opposite Paresh Rawal. Upen Patel and Tanisha are not even worth discussing.

Direction looks loose on most occasions but you cannot help but get the feeling that with a better work, the movie could have been much better. The movie does make you laugh on quite a few occasions especially with the supposedly supporting star cast. Pity is, if the movie clicks, the undeserving lead cast will take away the credit and Tushar Kapoor might well win the award for the Best Comedian award if no where else than at least in Star Movie Awards.


Dreamer said...

the more i see tusshar kapoor, the more i like ur looks

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

sorry dude....wrong number!!!

Sachin Gulhane said...

Sameera Reddy and old ... i havent seen this movie, but still wont support ur views.. BTW TK face is similar to urs ... I know TK will be more happier than u :-)

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

it might sound like a i will take it as a compliment

LoonyTalk said...

Thanks for the post. :) I watched the movie after your recommendation and it is quite entertaining!
And yeah, very precise comments about Tusshar, Upen and Tanisha, but how did you not mention Mayawati Chautala and her antics? :)

Btw, any special reason for the moderation of comments? :o

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

second lead does a superb job and the lead cast does a lousy one...
wht do you mean moderation of comments?? i want the comment to be accepted b4 publishing to avoid spamming