Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quota Quotes!!!

No matter if you support the Supreme Court verdict on quota for OBCs because your support depends on if you are a beneficiary or being penalized by the decision, you must appreciate one plane simple but hard-to-believe fact – the verdict gets unanimous support from all political parties. Tell me, when was the last time you saw all our vote seekers on the same platform. We all crib about the politicians throwing chairs and mikes in their respective rings aka Parliament House/Assemblies. At least now we see the politicians happily respecting a decision they should. After all, it’s a fair decision not like some office of profit bill forced upon them by a politically illiterate president. They stood together then and stand together now – the commonality which binds them is there for everyone to see.

But the creamy layer hitch has left a bit sour taste in an otherwise sweet mouth, that too with the inclusion of MP/MLAs and their legitimate generations in the creamy layer. One of the objections is against their inclusion in this layer because a politician doesn’t hold a salaried post and doesn’t earn a penny. CPI (M) stands out by welcoming the creamy layer theory which I did expect. I don’t find them always right but they are truly left – opposing something what everyone is supporting.

The decision made Arjun Singh feel vindicated and washed away all his sins – “This OBC facility will not affect other students, as there is no clash of interest. People had misunderstood reservation. I have been fighting for this since I was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. I feel vindicated after the courts judgement. This is a very historic judgment. Hundreds of students belonging to the OBC category will be benefited by it.”

Can some one explain to me the “No Clash of interest’? No doubt people must have misunderstood the reservation because Arjun Singh would have explaining it.

Anyhow, the overall reservation covers SCs/STs/OBCs and some minorities. But what about the Sons of soil who have been deprived off their breads from migrants? Or the Mallu Sikhs or the Christian Yadavas or the….castes and breeds one can hardly ever imagine have surfaced over the years. What about the Bangladeshis who are welcomed by an ignorant generosity and have been living as a neglected part of the society? Are they not a neglected class even though they deserve much better because we believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”. Don’t they share a piece in the pie?

But the problem is that we still use the mathematics of old ages where percentage is calculated out of 100. May be the parliament should amend the constitution so that the percentage could be calculated out of 200 or 300. This will give the chance to uplift every strata of society.


Sachin Gulhane said...

I like your comments specially jargons..." Son of Soil " .. I guess you are becoming gud fan of Thakarays :)..

LoonyTalk said...

Excellent post...
However, what I'm not sure is how will the government create extra seats in the central educational institutions overnight, especially since the Ministry of HRD had assured that the actual number of General category seats will not be decreased! I apprehend if in this election year, the Central Government will ignore all prior promises and hurry to implement this from the coming 2008-08 academic session to gain cheap political mileage... :(
Also, what happened to the argument against reservation that showed that the government has no recent census data to show that there are 27 % OBCs in the population and that they are actually unable to get into the best academic institutions? Personally, I don't think that reservation is the way to go: we are not empowering the backward classes; rather we are just making them rely on reservations for getting anything and everything in life!
Fianlly, the scene of no political party having the guts to oppose this in a country with more than 50 % of the population under 30 years of age would make anyone go sick! No wonder I don't have any more love left for my right to franchise.

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

lemme tell u wht is most likely to happen...
step 1 : this very same decision will be challenged again...
step 2: it will again get a stay order till next elections
Step 3: goto step 1
because whn you are earning on a problem, you just dont want it to get solved.