Saturday, July 26, 2008


Some events can shatter your existing beliefs. Some can restore them. But these events make you believe that even impossible is possible.

I came across such an incident last night that some of new beliefs have been established.

  • I now truly believe that Mr. Amar Singh is a gift to mankind from the God of morality and he would never make any derogatory statement against Sonia Gandhi even in his wildest of imaginations.
  • Amar Singh should be made the finance minister because among this chaos of economic slowdown, only he knows how to bring down the inflation to single figures.
  • Mayavati is the best suited candidate for the post of Prime Minister. Even one of India’s better CMs endorses this fact.
  • BJP actually proved its honesty in parliament by flashing the bundle of notes. BJP has never ever indulged in MP trading.
  • When Amir Sohail says that Pakistan is leading a war against terrorism, he is not drunk.
  • Sourav Ganguly is the fittest Indian cricketer.
  • All the claims of India TV that aliens regularly peep into your neighbour’s daughter’s bedroom where you so desperately want to peep are, correct. Even the photographs shown are real.
  • Mika-Rakhi Sawant kissing was completely natural and not staged by any means.

There are many more. But all this happened as soon as I came across this. In case you are too lazy to click on this link, this link takes you to a page called Tusshar's Fan Club. Yes, it does exist. You would tend to think that the page is an attempt at sarcasm and is a prank but the page which leads to the fan club page looks a bit too hard worked to be a prank.

Hence my conclusion is - this does exist in reality. After all who can forget his terrific acting in “Gayab” especially in the second half when he becomes invisible?

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Spiff said...

Gayab - jab bhi is movie ki yaad aati hai
mujhe baj pe gussa aata hai...saale ko ye movie bhi dekh ke bura nahi laga..
bolta hai..theek hi hai