Friday, September 05, 2008

The said and the meant!!!

HR of a company to you after the interview – We will get back to you.

  •  We will call you if we can’t get a cheaper labor than you.

HR of the same company to you after the interview – We will get back to you soon.

  • We might call you as you are coming really cheap but just don’t send me a mail as soon as you get out of this building.

 HR of the same company to you after the interview – We will definitely get back to you soon.

  • Just get lost.

HR, okay of a different company, during the negotiations for the pay package – Yeah, we are in the process of finalizing your salary structure. I will call you back.

  • You have asked for something which even your interviewer is not getting. Drop your price, come and take your offer letter.

In reply to a query regarding your project from someone – I will get back to you regarding this.

  • I simply copy-pasted the stuff. Just don’t call me again.

You call up your client – Sir, is it right time to talk? In case you are busy, may by I shall give you a call tomorrow.

  • I called up to tell you I am working on your case. Now don’t call my boss and ask about the progress.

In reply to a question during a presentation – In the interest of time, can we take this offline?

  • Who the hell told you to be so inquisitive? Just keep your mouth shut and fuck off.


Spiff said...

we will agree...except you are giving too much credit to the HR guys...I don't think there is any method to their madness.

Whats in a Name said...


Visited your blog from blogadda..
Decent stuff I must say... :-)

To add to your post:
If an HR Says that you should have the ability to handle a heavy workload" He Means, " You whine, you're fired."
If he asks for Good commmunication skills, He means ," Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want and do."

If an HR is seeking candidate with a wide range of experience , it means that he needs to replace three people with one.


Keep blogging...

PS: Have blogrolled you.

Dreamer said...

y dont u enter HR...that will ensure peace for u and us as well