Wednesday, September 03, 2008

There is something in the name!!!

We all cherish our college days little bit of beer and “Best days of my life” in the background. I am restricting it to a bit of beer because my track record with beer has never crossed this limit without me being off my foot. We want to carry almost all the memories with us as we move ahead in life but for a few. For some it’s the dismal show in what they were supposed to do there - studies, for some it’s the lost cause in what they were not supposed to do there – politics, for some its what they were supposedly doing there – ILU-ILU whereas for lot of us, it’s the nicknames that we want to get rid of especially with growth in age and family.

I had this realization not so long back when I was talking to one of my friend who was nicknamed Mama.

Dude!! Good news. We have had a baby boy”

“Arey sala, badhayi ho Mama” (Congratulations, translating for semantic psuedes)    

“Dare you call me Mama again? We are no longer kids. In fact I have just had a kid.”

He was right. With his nickname being much more popular than his actual name, he can’t get more embarrassed than his son calling him Mama one day.

Nicknames were always an attempt to pull other’s leg based on their typical characteristic. Like if someone has the habit of dropping his drunken friends to the safety of their rooms and then lecturing next morning, he would be called Bappa. Any girl with a visible weight over 75 Kgs would be Gadda(mattress) and if the weight at right places, she would be BMW. The one who teaches well when asked and preaches a lot when not asked would be Baba. If you have come from some unheard place like Sasaram or Fatua, you know what your nickname is. If you have the most wanted collection of visuals/text in the college days, your name invariably is Pondy.

Sometimes they did become insulting and gave/could have given genesis to strange scenarios. Like if a girl was nicknamed Ghodhi(mare), the typical term of getting married – “Ghodi Chadhna” would have become ironical for her would be. Hence if someone asks her boy friend about their marriage plans –

Aur Guru, Ghodhi kab chadh rahe ho?”, (When are you riding the mare or when are you getting married)

He must be thinking, “Roj hi chadhta hoon aajkal” (I am riding everyday these days)

Or you won’t like your girlfriend to be asked by someone, 

“Hey, are you serious about him?"


" Do you really love Chaddhi (Underwear)?”

As time goes by after getting out of college, people do tend to get rid of these embarrassing tags attached to their names, especially if they are nearing the threshold of their marriageable age. If everyone calls you Bhai (Brother), you won’t like your wife to fall in the habit of calling you so. You would surely not like a discussion like this among your children when you meet for some alumni meet

Kid 1: “You know, my father’s nickname is Tatti(shit).’

Kid 2: Why?”

Kid 1: “Don’t know. May be he is always lose motioned that’s why.”

Kid 3: “I just heard my dad referring to your mom as Shakeela

Kid 4: “Why is that?”

Kid 3: “I don’t know”. Thinking (he is 16), “Go read Fultoo Bakar, you will know why”

Kid 2: “My dad is nicknamed Kamjor”

Kid 1: “What?”

Kid 2: “Yeah, Mera baap kamjor hai!” Thinking,

I am sure you would like this discussion to be more of Sharma Uncle, Mishra Uncle, Kamble Uncle Types. But sometimes nicknames are better than real ones. If your name is Shishu, be rest assured that a kid with his limited abilities of pronunciation, will call you Shu-shu uncle. Hence if your friends have been kind enough to nickname you Tiger, let it be that way.

BTW, my name is Vibhash.  


Baboo Bisleri said...

I remember you had nice nickname during your college days

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

aapka shubhnaam?

Dreamer said...

tumhara naam kya hai basanti

Anonymous said...

some names stick ... pretty much like a chamgadar, eh?