Saturday, January 24, 2009

Few observations!!!

•In India, movies have been protested/ banned for showing a religion/ region/ caste/ culture/ political party/ politician in poor light if there is a remotest connection between reality and allegation. People might call it our conservatism. Slumdog Millionaire is alleged by many that it shows India in poor light.

o May be we are not so conservative about the light thrown at country’s reputation because there hasn't been even a hint of any protest. Same people are saying that we have become more mature.

•Sports minister MS Gill says about today’s cricketers using so many protective gears "A batsman is so much covered with protective gears that one might say [Sachin] Tendulkar is playing if I go in the middle to bat."

o I am not sure if he is giving more respect to cricketers of his days or insulting us, the fans of Sachin. We can recognize him even by the sound of his bat makes when he plays.