Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Old!!!

Sign of getting old -  

  • When every time you go down the memory lane to fetch a titillating memory, the length of the lane seems to be longer than your earlier trip. And once you reach there, the first words coming from you mouth are – Ah, those were the days.
  • These discussions of Ah, those were the days in a group of friends/ colleagues/ acquaintances/ aliens, start taking longer time than discussing Lisa Ray’s lesbian act in I can’t think straight.
  • When first thing you compare between your current photo and 4 year old one is your hairline.
  • When staying alone because family has gone away for some days means you are more worried if your maid would turn up next day or not rather then getting worried for arranging cheap beer.
  • When weekends start looking like two days of enjoyable getaway from work but end up in a Biz Bazaar rather than looking like two days of sleep which end up in a pub.
  • When first thing you see in a news paper is Page 3 but quickly jump to some political/ business news rather than pretending to be reading political/ business and only thing you read is Page 3.
  • While meeting a friend after just a week, first question you ask Aur Sunao, and this is your only question. Just that you ask it 10 times because you don’t have anything else to ask.
  • When meeting a friend after long time scares you because know that as a good gesture when you exchange contact details, you would find it difficult to recall his/ her name.
  • Every time India beats Australia, you feel like an old businessman who spent all his life building his empire and is getting results when he is about to retire.

Image Courtesy: newone.

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Spiff said...

* when you realise that you hv writtenn about ..feeling old...2 years ago

* when the no of posts under label nostalgia are more than the one under sports

* when ur frends after riting such a post..comment....kuch naya likh