Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tell you my dreams!!!

Some of the dreams I have had in past few weeks


  • Third world war has broken out. There is total chaos outside. Someone is knocking at my door. I refuse to open but ask “What all is going on outside?” “We are the army of Sultan of Arab. We accept only his rule and nothing else. We will fight till death till the goal is achieved” is the reply I get. I tell my wife “Crazy people. Just look at them. They are preferring anarchy over democracy.”
As I woke up, I realized I forgot to switch of the TV and the channel being played was IndiaTV.


  • Sanjay Nirupam has won the election. Meera Sanyal and Captain Gopinath got only 30,000 and 33,000 votes respectively hence lost. Their bosses are now giving them hard time by asking “Why the hell you went for it when you couldn’t even save the Jamanat (security deposit)?”

Next morning, first mail in my mailbox was a reminder from Jaagore to deposit my forms to election commission’s office.


  • My boss asks me to meet her in a meeting room. I go there and see the colour PINK. I m told “You are being laid off.” There are two more guys with the same fate as mine but before I can see who they are, it all goes blank.

I woke up with the morning alarm in my cell phone which also had an SMS for me. I was glad to see that salary was credited.


  • I am sitting with some big shot of financial world. He is telling me, recession will be at its peak in 2011.

I woke up, thanked God it was a dream and went back to sleep.


  • I get bored of life. I commit suicide.

I get up, get ready, force myself into the train, reach office, make myself look busy, again force myself back into the train, come back home and sleep. Life isn’t that boring.


  • One of my friends weighing 95 KGs has taken me to a Tata Nano showroom to have a look at the car. He wants to take the test drive and we (I and some salesmen) are trying to force him inside the car.

I was about to fall from the bed but woke up just in time.


  • People staying under Taliban rule are completely frustrated. They decide to move to India as it’s a democracy and life is supposed to be much better here. Indian government is having a torrid time in stopping these refugees (or whatever they are supposed to be called in semantically correct English) coming in.  I am sitting at Bandstand with one of such refugees. He is telling me his life stories. Suddenly tsunami strikes. I run and hide under a bench in the park at Bandstand. I am holding the bench real tight thinking, “Water will flow over the bench and I will survive.” 
As I woke up I realized I was holding onto my son’s favourite teddy bear and he was trying his best to snatch it away from me.


Above mentioned events are true to best of my knowledge. After all only I could have known them.  But some of the dreams seem to be too weird to me. May be I should stop watching news channels.


Yayaver said...

Great writeup sir ji.aaj kal to IPL ke sapne mujhe aa rahe hain.college mein to roj sunny leone ke sapne hee aate tthe... :D

Spiff said...

Great writeup..

i think u take irony to the next sartorial level

Spiff said...

also, i want to stress upon the utility of missions such as jaago re

I think more than the drect benefit, it opems the mind to immense possibilites of utility of MIS systems