Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fashion and the Passion!!!

As usual, I again bumped into A and B in the local today and deliberately overheard their conversation -

A: Dude, how are you?

B: I am fine. Bloody idiots?

A: Easy dude easy. Never abuse a mob. What if it decides to pay back?

B: What mob. I am talking about last night.

A: Last night? You had an orgy?

B: Oho…you and your fetid jokes. Didn’t you see the match?

A: Yeah I did. We are out.

B: Terrible they are. Hopeless. All they are interested in posing for camera and earning billions.

A: Chill dude.

B: What chill? They should be brought back home and taught a proper lesson.

A: Well you prove it again. Cricket is not a passion for you. It’s just a fashion.

B: It’s a passion for you, huh?

A: Yes, it is.

B: So could you please elaborate on it?

A: Well what if they still reach semis?

B: Any chances to reach semis now?

A: Yeah there is a remote possibility.

B: What is that? I heard in news that it’s the end of road.

A: Well, if at least two of WI, ENG and SA plan to drop out of the tournament before semis.

B: Wow. And how is that going to happen?

A: If someone can make WI to believe that SA is being racists against them, as a protest they would withdraw unless adequate punishment is meted with.

B: And?

A: In cases of racism, sexual harassment and buying onions, you are guilty unless proven otherwise.

B: Huh!! Even if your failed attempt to incite humour actually becomes true, this team is full of bullshit and will crash in semis.

A: I have a way out for that too.

B: And what is that? India plays Pakistan in Semis and wins since they have never lost to them in a WC?

A: In fact Pakistan might refuse to play India protesting against India’s alleged move to isolate Pakistan from world cricket. But you know the real reason; they can’t even win a warm up match against us. Forget winning a semi final.

B: So India reaches finals, isn’t it?

A: Yes. And I hope you won’t be vying for their blood if they reach the finals.

B: Huh, you and your theories are as hopeless as our team. Its people like you who give these cricketers undue importance and they have their head in the sky. Whereas after last night’s loss, they should all be beheaded.

A: Dude, always try to look for the silver lining in even the darkest of clouds.

B: And where is this silver lining?

A: See, there is ample empirical evidence available to prove that there is an inverse correlation between our economy and performance of our cricket team.

B: As in?

A: If you follow cricket, you would remember that period just before 2001 was one of the worst our cricket ever faced. Match fixing scandal, do you remember?

B: Yeah. Even yesterday’s match was fixed.

A: Wait, let’s complete this angle then we will get into your tangle.

B: Okay.

A: It was around 2001 when IT bubble was paying millions for even writing an HTML code, right?

B: Okay.

A: We stopped Steve Waugh in 2001 on his last frontier. We did reasonably well at least till 2004 in cricket. At least we started winning test matches abroad.

B: Okay.

A: And it was 2001 when the bubble found out that even twin towers could crash, bubble was just a bubble. Economy was in bad shape for 2-3 years. Remember those days when finding a job was tougher than finding ways to make India reach semis in this tournament?

B: Yeah. Not until 2004 boom started again.

A: We lost to Australia at home. We lost a test series at home after 17 years in 2004. We lost the stream. We were winning here and there but not consistently. Guru Greg happened. Ganguly lost his place in the side and everyone assumed that Yuvraj would replace him. He turned out to be so awful that we had to get back Ganguly.

B: Yeah, that period is not worth remembering for cricket.

A: It was the very same period when people were talking that there would never be a bad time again in any economy. Property prices rose faster than the required run rate was increasing when Jadeja was stabilizing the innings last night.

B: Yeah, another bubble was about to explode.

A: Before that bubble could explode, we exploded out of WC 2007 in West Indies.

B: The worst night of my life.

A: Suddenly we won T20-WC in SA out of no where.

B: Yeah that was amazing.

A: And by the end of 2007 we started hearing that there is something called crisis which meant Uncle Sam’s children had eaten up too much but didn’t have any money to pay the bills. So they were ready to do what anyone would do if caught in such situation.

B: What?

A: Let their hands up and pants down.

B: So it’s because of India won T-20 WC?

A: No. I am just telling you the correlation. Since that world cup win, we have never looked back in cricket. Right?

B: And economy hasn’t looked forward.

A: Precisely. So when I ask you to find out the silver lining in the grey cloud, look at it this way.

B: Which way?

A: Given a choice, what would you prefer a better job or cricket?

B: Obviously, a better job.

A: See, it’s just a fashion for you. It’s just a fashion for people like you.

B: Huh…you foolhardy. It’s just because of people like…..

A: Shut up. It’s because of people like you. Why don’t you realize, it’s good to lose sometimes. And we aren’t so good that we would win every time.

B: But they are expected to….

A: Expected by? You right?

B: Well….

A: It’s not their fault that you expect them to win every time. Sometimes a loss makes you realize the brutal realities.

B: Like?

A: After this would cup, we have realized that our youngest left handed sensation who looked like becoming left handed Richards might well turned out to be a Vinod Kambli.

B: Who at one point of time looked like becoming a right handed Sachin.

A: Yes. Our best left handed batsman, who promises to become what he has been promising for last one decade, might just turn out to be another Adnan Sami.

B: Yeah, he is fast approaching there.

A: There are lot more realities which I hope we faced just in time.

B: Yeah. They must be…..

A: Chill. Wait for Ashes. It should be good contest this time.

B: Huh, who watches test cricket, people like you.

A: As I said, it’s a passion for me. It’s a fashion for you. You saw IPL.

B: Yeah. It was great. I loved the cheer leaders more than last time.

A: Good. Wait for it, just 10 more months to go.

B: Yeah.

A: And the best part of IPL is that it’s India who wins it every time.

B: But it’s a franchise team tournament.

A: Hehe, whatever it is. It’s India who has been and will be winning it. When you have world’s one of the best team’s one of the most promising fast bowler lashing out at its board because he couldn’t play for an Indian City’s team , winner can only be India.

B: Whatever you say, I hope they get better cheerleaders and weather is warmer than England when cheerleaders are covered in a blanket.

A: Amen.

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