Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ah, the name itself sends me down to the memory lanes - Sunday morning, 7:00 AM, Jalebi and Dahi in the breakfast and a hope of some entertainment in form of movie songs. For all those sick of number of music channels exceeding the numbers of songs available to be shown, there was a time when we waited for a glimpse for some of them on TV. Although Chitrahaar, was prime source of such entertainment on Wednesdays (and later Fridays), Rangoli made the Sundays special. We never complained about the quality, we never complained about the quantity but just that we sometimes complained about the repetitiveness of the songs. In fact, most of these sometimes turned into every time. Here are a few gems which are still registered in my fading memory

Taale ho oo oo oo – I have seen Nitin Mukesh singing for Goga Kapoor in one of the movies. If you are familiar with the names, I am sure you know what I mean. When Md. Rafi, the king of slow romantic songs on which even Ranjender Kumar could be choreographed, sang “Baar Baar Dekho….Taale Ho oo oo oo” for the head banging Shammi Kapoor, tables did turn. At least the one in the song did so. But the song didn’t make history then. It made history ages later as the only song to have been repeated twice in the same episode of a programme where movie songs are played. And the repetition happened on more than two occasions. Till the advent of cable TV in India, this song held the record of being aired most numbers of times on TV, even more than Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. There used to live a 3 year old kid next to my uncle’s house. He saw this song so often that he was able to memorize the song completely including lyrics, music, dance steps, chorus’ dance steps and face of each of extra artist shown in the song. Just that he realized it a few years later that person singing in the song (Shammi Kapoor) was actually a male. He wasn’t a female who had put artificial moustache and singing in a female’s voice.

Kaali Teri Chhoti Hai Paraanda Tera Laalni – Ah, as I wrote those three words, I felt like writing the entire song. It was such a pleasure to watch Sumeet Sehgal in his white suit, Rupa Ganguly in her pink suit and loads of backdrop dancers in dresses whatever producer could arrange. If choreography which looks like a mix of disco and kavvali but ends up something close to nautanki wasn’t enough, highlight of the song was

Mar mitne ki tune baat kaise sochi…., baat kaise sochi…., baat kaise sochi….

Na hi tu mera mahi, na mera padosi…na mera padosi….

(Rupa Ganguly, moving her waist up and down, her left hand on her waist and right one asking the question, backdrop dancers trying their best to do the same in sync. Meanwhile, Sumeet Sehgal and his bunch of Romeos can be seen doing a benchless bench press in a standing position)

We always enjoyed this song thoroughly and waited eagerly for the end of the song because it is once the song is ended “the scene” comes. They never showed “the scene” for two reasons – one it was not part of the song, two it was DD. But we still waited because sometimes, Jo maja intejaar mein hai, who deedar-e-yaar mein kahan.

Aasmaan se aaya farishta – Come this song and we realized how our senior generation got their dose of bikinis. The legendary Sharmila Tagore water skating in a blue coloured bikini, the heavenly Shammi Kapoor hanging from a helicopter in his night gown and the lyrics Aasman se aaya farishtaa, pyar ka sabak sikhlaane. I am sure the song would have created havoc in its times but somehow I could never appreciate the sex appeal in the song. May be I could never come in terms of the length of bikini. With due respect to the heroine, only thing which looked different between the shape of the bikini and her hair style was the colour. Rest all looked similar to me. And with Shammi Kapoor’s Elvis Presley hair style, he looked like carrying a hook (like captain hook of Peter Pan fame) in his hair to lift the target.

Yeh Akkha India Jaanta hai – Very few realize that the Mihir Viraani part 2 of Saas Bahu days, Roneet Roy was a considered to be a budding talent few years ago. Some even called him Sumeet Sehgal of new era even though Sehgal’s era never started. Roneet Roy’s dress in this song became a household name and the movie was a super hit. Just that it was his only hit as a solo hero. But the song was amazing. The music was catchy. The choreography was truly a marriage-band class. And the lyrics –

Main tere se milne ki khatir, Mumbai se goa aaya

Per tere daddy ne mujhko red signal dikhlaya

Father se tere kya lena mujhe,

Mani chahoon tujhko tu chahe mujhe

I am serious, I remember these lyrics from my Rangoli watching days when I was a school going kid. Just that the repetition of the song has stamped these words into my mind.

Maathe pe yun lat lehraayi – If there is a city boy comes to a village he will surely be wearing a pair of jeans, sport shoes and a cap. The girls he meets, they will surely be wearing the most coloured Ghaghara Chholi and flaunt plaits in their hair. People had yet not started asking what was behind this Chholi. This was how urban met rural in those days. This song from Vishnu Deva exemplifies this theory perfectly. We witnessed the versatility of Sangeeta Bijnali, who we witnessed in the entire spectrum – from beauty contest pictures to special guest in cricket matches, in the rural dress meeting Sunnny Paaji in his seher ka munda attire. The way she jumped all over his body in this song, only Sunny Paaji could have survived the shooting schedule in a single piece.

These were the some songs I could recollect based on the number of times I have seen them in Rangoli. But it wasn’t so bad. After all even today, the leading music channels show the same tapes every day.


Spiff said...

ye akkha india jaanta hai..ham jaan tere naam karta hai..

Dreamer said...

Main tere se milne ki khatir, Mumbai se goa aaya

Per tere daddy ne mujhko red signal dikhlaya

Father se tere kya lena mujhe,

Mani chahoon tujhko tu chahe mujhe

The correct lyrics are:

Tere se marriage karne ko main bombai se goa aaya,

Par mere ko tere dad ne red signal dikhlaya

Father se tere kya lena mujhe,

Main chahoon tujhko tu chahe mujhe

Varun said...

You forgot the other two songs jo DD ne ghis ghis ke dikhaaye:

1) Main duniyaa bhula doongaaa..Teri Chahat mein..(Aashiqui)

2) Adaayein bhi hain,mohabbat bhi hai...(Dil hai ki Maanta nahi)