Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just to make it see sunlight – Part 2

Back to India – In Suppu’s words
My assignment on client site got over and I returned back to my motherland. Although my boss wanted me to stay for some more time but I have a good enough reason to say NO.

I joined my office in Pune, the city I have always loved. Be it its weather, crowd or whatever. It used to be a small and quite city but economic growth has pushed its name to the list of “growth centers”. It will always be a small city because it lives in the shadow of its neighbor, Mumbai. Anyhow, you must stay here for a considerable period of time to get the feel of any place.

But I had a few issues at hand before I could tackle the real issue. First, I had to find a shelter and since length of my stint was not decided, this was even more difficult task. I wanted to stay alone and had loads of condition for the place I was going to take on rent. Anyhow, after 3 weeks of search, I managed to find a place. I soon got an assignment in office as well, met some old friends and made some new ones as well. I started enjoying life to the fullest like any bachelor does. Life was going great till……

The Doctor, the Sister and the Mother

“Hello. Where the hell have you been? I have been trying your number since yesterday.” Dad yelled on phone.
“I had gone to Matheran over the weekend. Phone was not working there.”
“At least you should have informed me.”
“Oho, what happened?”
“Nothing. Get a pen and a paper. I have a few things to tell you.”

There was a new proposal for me and dad wanted me to meet the girl and her family. They had already discussed everything over the phone. The girl, a doctor, was staying in Mumbai with her family. She had two younger sisters and parents in her family. Thankfully, they had mailed me the bio data and snaps of the girl. I liked it. Dad told me that I will have to meet up with her. “Wow, a date that too legal”, I thought.
I was going to Mumbai to meet up a few friends over the coming weekend and decided to finish off this encounter then. Next two days I spent preparing for the meeting, physically as well as mentally. Went to a parlor, took a haircut and few other treatments and more importantly a proper bath before all that.

I also jotted down the possible questions that I was going to ask and practiced the interview. Deep down inside, I was thrilled. I was thrilled to be on the other side of the table i.e. being an interviewer. Well, I expected so.

The moment I landed in Mumbai, there was a twist in the tale. My dad had asked me to go to her house and meet her. I disagreed as I was not going to meet my “could be would be” in front of the moms, the aunties, the sisters, the brothers and god knows who all. But then her father called up and said I can take her out if I want after meeting their family. Finally I agreed. I had to.

There was another twist. The marriage proposal was also for girls’ younger sister as well. Man. This is crazy. Is it a big bazaar sale or what?

I knocked at their door. After couple of minutes a middle aged lady opened the door. Had I not immediately told her my name, she would surely have taken me as one of those painful salesmen. It was girl’s mom.

I was greeted and the prospective mom-in-law started talking. She talked and talked and talked. And talked. All I could understand was that they were staying in Sharjah for 30 odd years and her husband was earning in millions. Now they had to come back to India because of family reasons, her husband was trying to setup a business here without much luck and she didn’t like it here at all. She just kept talking about Sharjah and how it was million times better than India.

She sounded so unhappy with her husband’s decision to move to India that I wondered if she would elope with me, given a chance.
“Damn, I want a wife of my age, not my mom’s” I thought.

I had switched onto a sports channel where they were showing Natwest 2002 final’s highlights. “The mother’’was talking non stop. Also, she was promoting her younger daughter more than the elder. I was waiting for elder one to appear.
She did. She appeared with tea. “How typical of the situation” I thought.
“Who is watching cricket” she asked as soon as she sat.
“I am” I said and switched off the TV.
“No, it’s Okay.” She said.
I switched back to Natwest 2002 final’s highlights.

Within 10 minutes she disappeared. “The mother” started again. I kept hoping that she will ask me and her daughter to go out and have a chat. But it didn’t happen. After two hours of lecture on Sharjah, I decided to leave.

When I was leaving she asked, “How did you like my daughter?”
“I didn’t even talk to her.”

“But you didn’t speak anything.”
“When did you let me speak?”

A return glare forced me to catch an auto and run away.
It was a total chaos. The proposal was for the elder girl, the promotion was for the younger girl and the only interest was shown by the genesis of both.

I told my family about the meeting. I came back to Pune and slept. Next two days went expecting the call from them about the result. I was again preparing my answere “Aaah….give me some time,”, “I want to meet her once…err may be both”, “You know, it’s a big decision and I have some more proposals waiting, Give me some more time to think” etc etc.

I was also deeply analyzing the pros and cons of the proposal and doing all sorts of what could be done.
“The girl has said NO” dad said.
“What? Why? How? And more importantly, which one – younger or elder?”
“What which one. They didn’t like you. What the hell did you talk there?”
“Arre, how can they refuse? I didn’t even talk to the girl for more than 2 minutes. We just saw each other’s faces and she disappeared. It was not any better than her seeing my photo which she definitely liked. Otherwise she wouldn’t have met me” I argued.

“Shut up!!! If you are seeing some, tell us” Dad said. He has rarely had so high opinion about my abilities.
“But do not get us insulted like this every time. Last time also you did something horribly wrong and only you know what you did this time. Dad yelled. “You told her mother that she talks too much. She said that the guy doesn’t have any etiquette.”
Shit. I was just showing my sense of humor and she laughed so loudly at my joke that entire Thakur Village was staring at us.
Damn. In first case, it was “Mr. Brother” and here is “Dear Mother” Why do they do this to me?
Pressure was mounting on me.

Part 3 to come soon...


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the best humour is self deprecatory one...

THis qualifies..i think you could have played out the situation of any will do a bit more..but overall..would have been a good book