Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just to make it see sunlight – Part 3

The Coffee, The Lunch….Oops, Just Coffee
There is one good thing about life. More often than not, it gives you a second chance. Internet helped in my case.
I got yet another chance. I might have been bad but my credentials were good enough for me to get me matches after matches.
This time, the prospective match was working for 6 days a week with company in Pune. After 4-5 attempts, we finally managed to fix a meeting. I reached the meeting point right on time only to realize that when god made eve, he cursed eve and her entire breed with slow watches. I had to roam around alone for half an hour.
This time, I had come with loads of tips from family & friends. Mom had prepared Aloo Paratha and Rajma for lunch but I decided to give it a skip. After all I was going for a lunch date. I was surely not going to let them down.
We had already decided to go for a lunch. Finally we met.
“Are you very hungry?” she asked.
“No, not at all” ‘You are going to meet her. So don’t just eat, eat, eat and not talk’ my sister had advised rather ordered.
“We can go to CCD and have some coffee” I suggested.
“Okay” was her cold reply.
We went to a CCD and started talking. Rather, I was doing it. This was the first time in my life when I was interacting with a female and my listening skills were not put to an extreme test. There were a few questions here and there from her side.
“May I ask something?”
“Sure” I said.
“What kind of a wife do you want working or non working?”
I was quick to give a well rehearsed reply.
“May I ask something now?”
Show interest; ask intelligent questions, show that you are an enjoyable company were the advices for me.
“What kind of a husband do you want working or non working?”
I never miss a chance to show my humor and expect others to find some sense in it.
A killing glare was all I got in reply.
“So what are the plans for future?” she asked.
“I want to get married.”
“No, no I mean career plans”
“I will do my job”
“No, I mean will you stick to the same company or switch jobs”
“Well money is my God. Whoever pays me more, I will work for him” Wow, this shows how serious I am professionally.
Finally I gave up talking after half an hour or so.
“You seem to be of quiet kinds.” Its not I, but she said to me.
“Is it? I really appreciate your observation.”
Next half an hour we spent sitting almost quietly and avoiding each other.
Finally I broke the silence.
“Where do we go for lunch?”
“Do we necessarily have to go for lunch?” and I could see all my friends and family banging hammer on my head.
Damn. Not again. Where did I go wrong?
Part 4 to come soon...


Spiff said...

Hehe...the best of the lot and given the conversation..the guy seems lucky :)

Nimish V Adani said...

Nice read. :-)

Dreamer said...

hmmm.....achaa hua lunch ke paise bach gaye

Sachin Gulhane said...

purani yaade aur purani wine .... aur aapke purane blogs.. sabki maja kuch alag hi hai