Sunday, November 29, 2009


A discussion on Bhaang reminded me a story from college –

Holi fell during that time of the year when our final exams and placements were over and convocation was more than a week away. Most of the guys had gone back home during this break. Some of us stayed back in the hostel. So did me along with 6-7 guys in our wing.

Being Holi, we arranged for some Bhaang and had it with banana shake. There is difference between how Bhaang hits you and how alcohol hits you. With alcohol, you realize with each sip that if and how much it has hit you. So you drink till you are in controllable control. As soon as you realize it’s about time, you may choose to put an end to your drinking.

Bhaang, you don’t realize it immediately. It generally takes 30-45 minutes before showing its effects. But when it does, it really does. Mistake most people make is that they take Bhaang like alcohol thinking it isn’t doing anything and end up with an overdose.

Anyhow, since I had taken it a few times before and I anyhow have very bad capacity for any such things, I had a glass of banan shake and went to TV room seeing second session of India – Pakistan test match. I was resting on the sofa set.

Suddenly some action happened in the match and I was about to jump. But to my surprise, I could not lift my head. I felt as if my head was made of steel and sofa set was nothing but a very strong magnet. I tried again. And again. And again. But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t believe it because right from my childhood I was always told that I was empty headed. Suddenly I could sense lot of weight in the emptiness.

Anyhow, I had realized it was time and before strange things start happening, I must rush to my room and crash. If you have had Bhaang¸you would know that under its effect, you just keep doing whatever you start to do. If you start eating, you would just keep on eating. If you sleep, you may actually not wake up before next evening. If you start responding to nature’s call, you may actually end up donating your instentines, liver, and kidnies and may be even heart to the commode.

I realized I had started laughing. I started to run towards my room. Suddenly I realized all my friends were sititng in one room. I entered that room to find out everyone was stunned as if they were being expelled from the college a week before convocation. I looked at everyone. Everyone looked at me. And we all broke into laughter.

All but one – lets call him X. He was still serious, dead serious.

We came out laughing. We kept laughing for more than half an hour when someone talked about nitrous oxide – the laughing gas. He also said that this gas can make someone laugh so much that he could die.

Y – Who was laughing out loudest suddenly realized that it could happen to him.

He started yelling rather pleading – “Mujhe kuch ho gaya hai. Please Koi mujhe hospital le chalo warna main mar jaaoonga. “(Something has happened to me. Please take me to the hospital else I will die)

He did it once. He did it twice. He did it thrice. As he did it for fourth time – X shouted, in all his seriousness and lifting his one hand like a true political leader addressing an election ralley, “Koi Kahin nahi jaayega. Koi Mara to Jimmedari Meri” (No one will go anywhere. If someone dies, I will take the responsibility”

Hearing this, we were actually rolling on the floor laughing. This dialogue went on for half an hour or so. For every 4 times Y pleaded, X provided his assurance that he own up to whatever happens.

It went out of control for me. I came back to my room, puked out of the balcony and crashed. I woke up 8 hours later to find out that Y was actually taken to the hospital. What a few vomits would have done, was done by the doctor. X woke up next morning.


Spiff said...

X sounds like a pretty reasonable person..

Dreamer said...

X was from Bihar....thats y sounded overconfident.