Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just to make it see sunlight – Part 4

The collegue!!!
The worst that could happen is to get a phone call when you are hanging in a Mumbai Local. It did happen to me. I had gone to Mumbai to meet up some of my friends over the weekend.
“Hello! Is it Swapnil?”
“Hello Beta….”

It was yet another proposal. The girl was working in my office working in HR department. It’s a small world, isn’t?

"Enough, I will take control this time" I thought.
“Hi” I initiated chat with her on my company’s messenger.
“How are you?” was her reply. Damn she already knows about me.
“Hi. I am Swapnil. I need some help from HR.” Let’s play games.
“Yeah, tell me.”
And I made some excuse and story. Next few days we spent chatting without letting the other person know that we already know about each other through a different source and for a defining cause. It was all going smoothly.
But there was a hitch. Whenever I asked her to meet, she somehow avoided. Damn, she must have seen my photo. And her excuses were very typical of a female excuse – “I am busy today. What about sometime later?” “I have to make a presentation today. What about next week?” I have always wondered is it that I have always asking out the busy females or as soon as I ask them out, their bosses burden them with extra workload.
“Can we meet up today?” suddenly she messaged me on 10th day.
“Sure. Anything urgent?”
“I need a professional suggestion.” Wow. We have hardly known each other that too on chat for 10 days and she is considering me worthy enough to be her professional adviser. Man, I have always had this charisma.
“So tell me, what help do you want?” I said after exchanging pleasantries.
“I am on contract here. My boss is transferring me to Bangalore where I would be confirmed.” She said.
“Congrats!!! Go to Bangalore” I said nonchalantly.
“But I do not want to leave Pune.” She said and I wondered why? ‘She must have got her just a good friend in the city. She would have come just to see me if I am better than him. If yes, I am selected else she has an option anyways.
“In that case you miss the chance of being confirmed.”
“But if I stay here, I might get confirmation in next appraisal cycle which is 6 months later.” She added.
“Good, take a chance and stay here”.
“But what if I don’t get confirmed 6 months later?”
“Females”, I thought. They always have an equally strong counterargument for any argument. Only reason for having an insaaf ki devi and not insaaf ka devta is that only devi could have balanced the weighing scale with such perfection. Men are not blessed with such brilliance.
“Thanks a lot for your advice. I guess I should be leaving now”
“So soon?” I wondered.
“Yeah, I have some work.” God, I get my salary for free or what?
She wanted to have a quick glance at my looks and had made a really bad excuse for it. Or in a way, she gave me a clear response. I knew I looked terrible, but it was an indication of me being horrible. Was I that bad?
I have always pride my self of being a fighter. I continued my fight on chat but whenever I asked her out, she became busy. We did bump into each other a few times but we didn’t talk much. But one thing I did notice about her. There was never a smile on her face. Was it like that or I was a smile repellant? Anyhow, enough was enough and I decided to end this road. After all, I belonged to the breed of most desired grooms, I thought so. I will never have a dearth of proposals. It’s just the conversion of potential into performance.

Part 5 to come soon …


Spiff said...

This Swapnil guy seems to be a bot low on self confidence... i think a couple of beer mugs before such meeting will be helpful...maybe in part 5

Sachin Gulhane said...

Waiting for part 5.. but why the hell did you decide she (book) should loose virginity ?... I was still expecting your book to see the normal process to loose it .. Umeed pe duniya kayam hai .. you borke that Umeed :-(

Yayaver said...

Argument and Counterargument points about girl is so true.. never have observed it..