Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And he left me forever!!!

Today, I lost a companion of almost 25-26 years. It was someone who had always stayed 24X7 with me through all the thick and thin in life. It was with me when I had my first Pepsi. It was with me when I first tasted whiskey. The first piece of chicken of my life, before it made me feel as if I was going to lay eggs next day, met him before doing so. Once I bit one of my relatives because she refused to give me her kheer. The level of involvement can still be seen on her wrist. I lost a tooth today.

In fact during last few months I have been visiting my dentist so often that I wonder if I should write my name in his appointment diary using a permanent marker.

9:00 PM, Vibhash Awasthi, Tooth number 14 tomorrow.

He plucked it out in 4-5 pieces, handed it over to me and I brought it back home. Before cremating it tomorrow tin Arabian Sea, I am just lost in mourning for the demise of this dear one. If the theory of every normal human having 32 teeth in his mouth is correct and I can be counted as a normal human being, I am down to 29 now.

I remember the first one. I was around 10 – 12 years old when it happened. I have had loads of cavities since my childhood but what harm they can do is I am learning now. However, God who has always been kind to me saw my travails. So he blessed me with an additional tooth. Just that he had put it in inside a cavity itself. So the additional tooth, like regional parties supporting a coalition government, kept doing the work of a gap-filler but yet pushing the original tooth to fall off. My father took me to a dentist who, after seeing the X-Ray and showing it to us also, decided to pull it off. Then, I did not know if dentistry was actually taught in medical colleges. I actually thought dentists were ex-policemen, who after interrogating criminals, took dentistry as post retirement job.

The dentist gave me local anaesthesia and started his job. The moment I saw some instruments in his hands which looked as if they were stolen from a motor mechanic, I freaked out and started shouting at the top of my voice. And every time he bent down to come close to my mouth, I did it right in his ears. Dentist lost his concentration and broke my tooth. He had to take it out in 5-6 pieces. 10 minutes of job took more than an hour.

Patients sitting outside must have thought if I was given shock treatment. In fact 2-3 patients did quit because they couldn’t wait for over an hour and dentist did complain to my father - it’s because of him I have lost on business today.

I was down to 31.

For last couple of years I had problems at the last end of my lower jaw. Everyone kept saying – you must be wisdom tooth. But everyone among that everyone wondered on why I am getting wisdom tooth so late in life. I didn’t complain them coming no matter how late it was – who knows if they bring some wisdom to me, I thought. However, dentist revealed the reason for my dumbness. My wisdom has never grown in right direction, it has always grown horizontally. So were the wisdom teeth of mine. Doctor got rid off one of the wisdom teeth for me and I was down to 30.

Today, I have come down to 29 which will soon be turning to 28 since second wisdom tooth also needs to be taken off. May his soul rest in peace. As of now, its his body resting in pieces.

I can only hope it stops here.


Spiff said...

Teething troubles indeed start at the first sign of the impending mid life

Sachin Gulhane said...

true ... budhe ho rahe ho thakur !!