Monday, May 10, 2010

What a loss can do!!!

Its days like this, this, and this which may send your mind to the pinnacle of absentmindedness, but only if you actually follow cricket and not Ravi Shastri’s razzmatazz where the buzz around the ground has momentum like a tracer bullet. I mean you should be the one who discarded any hope of India making into the next round on the very night when we lost but the first thing you would have done on next morning is to check the permutations and combinations of entry into next round. In the event of such losses, you may end up doing things like...

  • Come home to find out wife is not at home. Call up at your landline to find out her whereabouts and when the phone rings, go pick it up and say “Hello!!!”
  • Go to ATM to withdraw money. Swipe your visiting card instead of the ATM card and wait there. After sometime start wondering that why the machine is it not asking for your ATM pin.
  • Get up next morning, decide to shave and put toothpaste on your beard in place of shaving cream.
  • While dining, put chapatti in daal and eat it. Then complain that there is no salt in daal.
  • You are assisting you boss to prepare a document which explains the pricing of your project. Instead of writing Billing rate USD 30 per man hours, you write Required Run rate 5.66 per over (that is what we needed last night) and send the document. The error is overlooked by not only your boss but boss’s boss also. After all they are also saddened by last night’s debacle.
  • Mix coke in your drink only to realize that you are drinking beer.
  • You decide to forget today’s match, go to your room, lock it from inside and start studying for tomorrow’s exam. You study for half an hour and sleep for four. You get up to realize that not only you have had sleep of couple of hours more than your budget; you also studied the subject for which the exam is next week, not tomorrow.

I am done a few of abovementioned, in fact all of them. But the worst I have heard, apart from people breaking their TVs, is something that happened to Tony Cozier. When he went to get fuel for his petrol run car, a day after West Indies lost to SA when from an unthinkable position, petrol-pump guy filled up diesel in his car.

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