Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And the rest!!!

While I would have loved to write a detailed view on rest of the teams, but I am too lazy to do so. It will also become boring as well. So, here is my take on rest of the teams.

Bangladesh – Bangladesh are like teenage girls. You eye them thinking they are easy catch. They look vulnerable as a bubble. But sometimes, the bubble may burst and hurt you. Sometimes it may hurt you in the worst possible place. It did hurt us real bad in WC2007. BD is one of those elective subjects which you would have taken in the college – you chose them because there was supposedly lesser effort in clearing them but you still need to study as failing means you would have an “F” grade in your result card. While playing BD, all you might get to see are ugly but effective batsmen batting all the time. You might see left arm spinners bowling all the time. But they will field well or at least try to do so. They will give you a bit of brilliance, a bit of stupidity and loads of mediocrity. Their recent triumph against New Zealand would have sent their confidence to new high hence rest of the teams will do better by being more careful.

New Zealand – They are like an ageing cabaret dancer. She knows she has lost her charm; dark circles below her eyes are not getting any brighter, body is losing its flexibility and end is not far away. Yet she gets up every morning, in hope that this day will turn out to be better than the last one, tries to put up a fight, but stumbles again. She goes to sleep hoping she won’t see the next morning but she does. In this age of New Zealand cricket which is gloomy, two Indians have done them a huge favor. First one is the owner of Dheeraj Builders who is sponsoring them. Second one is SRK who, after letting NZ’s second best player to lead KKR in IPL2, made sure that one thing NZ will definitely not face in this age of crisis is the rift within the team for captaincy. I am sure after his experience of leading the legendary KKR in IPL2; Brendon Maccllum would not like to lead a team even in his own backyard. So Vetorri can be rest assured of his chair although I doubt if he would mind someone claiming it. NZ will fight and die. Sometimes they may not fight yet die. But die they will.

West Indies – They are like an old widow trying to revive her sex life. She would have her dates – few ending fruitfully, most ending aimlessly. And then, when a date has ended in a disaster, she would recall the days when she used to have those steamy nights with her husband. West Indies have been in a total mess. Their leading spinner has been asked to leave the field by their captain. Their best hitter is not even considered a cricketer by their legends . Their best all rounder has a tendency to develop special kind of injuries which make him unfit to play for West Indians but leave him fit enough to play for Mumbai Indians. But they have players who can win a match on their own, a lot of them. Alas, they may not have players who can win the match as a team.

Zimbabwe - They are like a young, promising, talented, child artist who promised to become a star once she grew up. But as she was growing up, she met an accident which sent her in coma. That killed all the promises she had made. Since then, she has been trying to break through without much luck. While it’s good to see that they have done away with “all black” team policy, it’s sad to see the state of this team. Zimbabwe of WC99 was real good – the flower power, the all rounder’s, the streaks, the fielding. Zimbabwe of WC11 is mostly unknown. While they may cause an upset or two, they will still be yet another “also ran.”

The rest will come, play, lose, and go. So people, get the stage ready, raise the curtains, and let the show begin.


Spiff said...

Bangladesh is dark horse along with England, NZL ll finish last

Spiff said...

Dude!! You should write about the quality of broadcasts in 90s

Amit said...

Comments on New Zealand and West Indies were truly amazing mazaa aa gaya