Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I am thinking!!!

Yesterday, I happen to come across these two guys again – in the train, off course. Incidentally, A had given an interview in B’s company. A was just inquiring about the feedback.

A: Dude, did you manage to talk to your boss?
B: Yes, I did talk to him about you. I told him that you are so eager to join us that you can join us even tomorrow.

A: What did he say?
B: He said,” Okay. Let me think about it.”

A: Dude, it’s been six months. How long he want to think about me?
B: I don’t know. Every time I ask him, he gives the same answer.

A: Holy shit!!! It looks like he doesn’t have anything to do apart from thinking about me.
B: Err…

A: I am sure no one in the entire universe has thought about me as much as he has done.
B: Hehe…

A: Not even my wife would have thought so much about me before deciding to marry me.
B: You must be glad that she didn’t.

A: Why?
B: If she had, she wouldn’t have married you for sure.

A: Yeah I know. I knew it even before I started thinking about marriage. That was my secret to success.
B: Means?

A: I had decided that if I like a girl, I would make sure that she finds herself taking 7th phera before she manages to put on her thinking cap.
B: That is bad. You took her to a family picnic before she could realize it was actually kidnapping. You didn’t even give her a chance to think.

A: What is so bad about it? She has all her life to think about it now.
B: Yeah. Just that the reason to think has changed from “whom to marry” to “why I married him”

A: Dude, don’t change the topic. What is the issue?
B: Boss says you have change jobs very frequently.

A: Dude, it’s just my current job where I am looking for a frequent shift. Other than that, I have always had decent stints.
B: Yeah, he is a bit skeptical because of that,

A: But I did tell him I would stay with your company as long as possible.
B: Yeah, but he doesn’t like people making frequent jumps. He has never changed his job. He said that one should stay in any job for at least two years. That is why he hired me. I have been pretty stable in all my jobs.

A: Fuck him!!! When I met him last, I had spent 9 months in my current job. Add six more and I have spent 15 months in my current job. So even if he makes an offer to me, considering the pace at which corporate world works in India, I don’t see myself joining your company in less than 6 months.
B: Yes if we consider your notice period of 3 months as well.

A: Yes. That would mean I have stayed in my current job for 2 years.
B: Agreed.

A: Then his issue is completely invalid. Why did he ask me in the first place “Why are you making such a frequent change?”
B: Hehe….

A: Go tell him this tomorrow.
B: Okay I will try. BTW, you have been looking out quite actively isn’t?

A: Yes, why?
B: How is the job market?

A: Why? You want to change.
B: Yeah just thinking.

A: But dude why? You have recently made a move.
B: I know but if I start looking today, it will take at least 3 months to get anything worthwhile trying. By the time it all gets finalized, it will be more than a year. I would have spent 2 years in this place by then.

A: Ok.
B: So pass me the list of consultants you have.

A: Ok. I will do that.

By then, my stop had come. But I will be looking forward to see these guys.

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Spiff said...

Well..this blog post can be considered a post modern critique of the changing work force requirements and the ensuing prodcutivity revolution