Monday, February 28, 2011

World cup times – Edition 2.0!!!

Ladies and gentleman, I am back with the second edition of the world cup. Finally we completed one week of the world cup. It may have sounded like an eternity, but it is still just a week that has passed by. A week that has seen crisis in Libya resulting in 40% downslide in my portfolio, although I have never understood why a media stock should go down because of crisis somewhere in middle east. If any impact, it should be positive because there is no good news like bad news. A week that witnessed a superstar falling down to the levels of controversy queens of two neighboring countries  although I have not understood how comparing the TRPs of two reality shows is equivalent to criticizing the superstar. This week witnessed a rung of one-sided matches when it was a David playing Goliath. The same week also witnessed that the contests become more even when David plays another David or it’s a Goliath V Goliath contest.

Match between West Indies and South Africa was assumed to be the first real contest of the tournament. West India proved the assumption wrong. Twice Lara has scored a century against SA in a world cup game. Twice West Indies have won against South Africa in world cup game. Both the twice have coincided with each other. This time Lara failed to score a century and West Indies lost to SA. Imran Tahir continued to be SA’s trump card. This could result in diversion of Pak-UK visa requests to Pak-SA. WI’s trump card Pollard continued to fail again for them but he will make amends in IPL. Bravo got injured but he will surely be fit again for IPL.

NZ once again proved that their match against Kenya should not be held against their reputation. They are still NZ. Other teams along with NZ have requested ICC that in ODIs, NZ innings should start at 80/5 in 22 overs. They anyhow achieve this target efficiently, in every match. This will save a lot of time for everyone. Rest of the time can be used for strategic timeout. Lee showed you can still learn at his age. He bowled really well in his first spell and went wicket less. His colleagues bowled rubbish and got wickets. So he also bowled rubbish in his comeback spell and was rewarded. Sometime you have to get your bowling to the level of opposition batsmen. It’s all relative in this world.

Ireland and BD showed that they are almost equally matched. BD showed why I used the world almost. BD has something which Ireland doesn’t – a test status BD justified the difference. Ashok Dinda look like Shafiul Islam bowled beautifully and turnout to be a star. Ashok Dinda might well have thought if he was born a few hundred miles east of his birthplace, he could have been a star too.

Afridi continued his jest to become the fastest bowler in this world cup i.e. fastest in the race to break the record of maximum wickets in a world cup. Chamara Silva proved that he could well in directing boring Hollywood movie – you bang your head against the wall thinking what is going on but the movie does to make up for your boredom in the last with a bed scene. Pakistan kept dropping Silva but for once I think it was not an expression of shabby talent but execution of excellent strategy. Akhtar showed again that he can still run in fast, bowl even faster and run like an airplane after taking a wicket. I just get feeling that something is going to happen here. I think he will again retire after this world cup.

Neither of India and England wanted to lose the match. Hence it ended as a tie. Surprisingly neither of them wanted to win it either. ICC must be appreciated for their prudence of shifting the match from Eden to Bangalore. If Indians could not hear a snick in a crowd of 40,000, imagine what might have happened in a full Eden. Not for no reason, Mr. Bedi has doubts over moral standards of Indian spinners. All their leg spinner bowls is googlies and off spinners has a history of bowling only doosras. This match added to the belief that “keeping lesser fielders out of the inner circle will always help the batting side” is a myth. Batting power plays have been fast turning out to be a weapon for bowling sides. When my son asks the meaning of blessing in disguise, I think I have a perfect example now.

Schedule of ongoing week has only two matches to be played between evenly matched sides – NZ v Zimbabwe and SL v Australia. Hope to see a close contest there.


Spiff said... last week, again this post is a bundle of jokes..but unlike last one ..this post is quite funny..kudos...

If only Desipundit existed

Pradeep said...

u were at ur vintage best in this post sir....thoroughly enjoyed it...keep the weekly edition going... :-)