Thursday, March 17, 2011

Death and Life!!!

Death is beautiful, life is not.
Yet we search for beauty in life.

Death is certain, life is not.
Yet we crib for certainty, all our life.

Death brings peace, life doesn’t.
Yet we hope for peace in life.

Death ends pain, life hardly does it.
Yet we all crave for a longer life.

Death will always embrace us, life may not.
Yet we hope that death is a window for another life.

Such is life. Full of strife.


The Reckless Mind said...

Very thoughtful...I like it

Anonymous said...

Seems the writer wants to do sucide koi roko

Spiff said...

Its a good juxtaposition of the coefficent of the atmosphere

Shravani said...

kya baat hai .. loved it .. didnt know u write this tooo .. will advise again , sab moh-maya chhod do aur make it full time profession

ShwetaPapriwal said...

Very emotional!!! I liked it!!!

ShwetaPapriwal said...

Very emotional!! Liked it...