Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mumbai Lessons – Edition 1.0

A friend of mine has done his graduation from IIT Bombay. That was the only time he stayed in this city – for 4 years in IIT campus in Powai. He is now happily settled in Pune now. Well, at least he claims that he is happily settled.
He messaged me this evening

“Dude, what’s up?” a casual sms came.

“Not much. On my way back home” I responded.

“What? It’s been 2 hours since you left office. Haven’t reached home yet?” He looked to be dying of amazement.

“Fucking traffic dude, I’ve moved 100 meters in last half an hour. Life is not that easy in Mumbai” My auto was stuck at Borivali station for half an hour.

“Oh. But I loved Mumbai when I was there” He looked like he was lost in golden memories of his college days.

“Dude, you were in love with Mumbai. I am married to it. I hope you understand the difference” Well, I am pretty much settled in Mumbai.

PS: I am married and I love my wife. For me, same is true for Mumbai. Still, any feelings hurt – because of my comments about either Mumbai or marriage, are deeply regretted.


Spiff said...

Who is the Raj Thakre here

Sachin Gulhane said...

PS : Dar ke maare likha tha .. Cheer up guy , DAR ke aage hi JIT hai