Monday, March 14, 2011

World cup times – Edition 4.0!!!

Welcome to the fourth edition of world cup times. And what a week it has been. No, there were no miracles that happened but just to sensationalize – what a week it has been.

Canada did not falter in the batting power play and overpowered Kenya.

I had mentioned somewhere that it is easier to win the world cup than losing to New Zealand. Pakistanis read my blog and decided to prove me wrong at any cost. After all, I am an Indian. But that means I am becoming famous now. Pakistan’s players have been infamous for being bad team players. This theory was proved wrong in this match. When Akhtar gave away 28 runs, he was sure to be declared as Match ka Mujrim by AajTak. Rajjaq came to his rescue and gave away 30 in his over. Kamran Akmal gifted the best possible birthday gift to Ross Taylor. The way things are going; Kamran Akmal jokes may well form a book bigger than Wisden. The best one I have heard till date is – “Behind every successful batsman, there is Kamran Akmal.”

India, playing Netherlands, once again showed that they are not far behind England when it comes to adapting to the quality to opposition. Yuvraj Singh has suddenly become India’s crisis man. He has been a man in crisis for last few years anyhow.

Dilshan, the poor man’s Sehwag, had been a failure in the tournament till now. He took out all his anger against Zimbabwe. Along with Tharanga, he almost delivered what Sehwag promised before that tournament – to bat out 50 overs. No wonder piracy is flourishing. Sangakkara made a new record for being padded up for most number of overs in an ODI.

West Indies played against Ireland. Later half of West Indies’ batting was cheered more in an Industrialist’s house in Mumbai as compared to Caribbean. Just when West Indies was about to prove that they are Pakistan of WC07, Ireland woke up from their dream. West Indies failed in their attempt.

England continued to be an excellent ambassador of ODI cricket. May be they want to prove to their ace spinner that his sacrifice of giving more important to professional life over personal life is not getting wasted. If West Indies couldn’t do a Pakistan this time, England did an India. What an adaptable team they are.

India trusted on SA’s ability to choke. SA broke their trust. But it was a great match – at least a perfect showcase for dos and don’ts for batting power play.MSD gave the last over to one of his most trusted weapons for slog overs. Make no mistake; Ashish Nehra’s bowling is all about being technically correct. So he did his calculations and bowled the perfect Yorkers. Poor guy didn’t know that an event prior to match day had resulted in shifting of Earth’s axis of rotation. Hence the calculation mistakes resulted in those perfect Yorkers being perfect length balls. BCCI is looking to hire a consultant to keep track on planetary movements so that such mistakes could be avoided in future. From being the crisis man, Yuvraj again became a man in crisis. The loss has resulted in typical reactions from the supposedly ardent called cricket fans – “Fuck you. I will never follow cricket after today.” The reactions are quite justified. After all, team India does go door to door to convincing people to follow the game.

New Zealand continued with their job of minnow mauling in this tournament. They were supposed to be definite number 4 in their group – an opponent everyone in group B wants to meet in QF. Hence there was supposed to be a stiff competition in group B to top it – topper would get to play 4th rank team in group A. Suddenly, NZ don’t look like a sure shot number 4 but they are still most preferred opponent in QF in group be. No wonder group B teams are losing the matches they were supposed to win. Rank 2 or Rank 3 is now more preferred than Rank 1 in group B now.

Australia continued to confuse. They play like they are known to play during first 25% of their matches. For rest 75%, they play like they were known to play. Anyhow, Australians did make up for Kenya’s insult handed to them by Australia’s neighbors. Anyways, Australia is happy that Tait has played another match without announcing his retirement, Lee did not trouble the physiotherapist and no TVs were broken in the dressing room after the match.

See you in next edition.

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