Wednesday, April 06, 2011


April 2, 2011, sometime in the morning –
Wife calls up “I am going to see the doctor in sometime.”
“What happened?” I ask while reading something on Cricinfo.
“IT could be today.” She replies.
“But it was supposed to be on 6th” I say.
“Well IT could be today” I get to hear.
I am shocked thinking “I cannot take two tensions on a single day. I cannot. God please help”
God does help. IT is delayed. We win the cup.

April 4, 2011, sometime in the noon -  
I have to catch a train at 4:30 PM to reach Bhopal today. I leave office at 12:30PM. At 12:45PM I am about to board my train at Churchgate to reach Borivali.  I get a call just before I board the train “She was needed to be hospitalized. Operation will start soon. It should be over around 3.00PM or so.”

I become nervous, very nervous. It’s twice in three days that I am anxiously waiting for two different kinds of results.

I reach Borivali, get down from the train and catch an auto-rickshaw to reach home. When I am hardly 10 minutes from home, I get a call “It’s a boy.”

I am happy, very happy. But the timing of the call makes me think “I was at Churchgate when I got the first call. I was told that wife was being hospitalized than. By the time I reach Borivali, it’s all done. Not sure if medical science has become really fast or distances in Mumbai are really long”.

“During the journey between Churchgate and Borivali, and an expectation gets converted into a delivery” I am thinking. There is a hoarding showing Rohit Sharma doing some ad.

I start sending SMS to all my friends. Very few of them know that this was going to happen. So my SMS “It’s a boyJ” gets replies like “Whose?” I get furious only to realize that it isn’t their fault. When I told them that I had sent my wife and kid away so that I could watch the world cup peacefully, they believed me. “Anything for the world cup” was my punch line.

So when they ask me “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I reply saying “I wanted to give you a surprise”

Now the tussle for the name will start. I have already decided the name - Rahul. As expected, it has met with severe protests. So I am going to give everyone another choice –Sachin.

First, let me explain why Rahul.

In 1985 when I was 7 years old when one of my uncles had a baby boy. Seeing the first kid in the family, I fell in love with the kid. I named him Rahul. It was accepted. I was dreaming “When he grows up and becomes big, I will tell everyone that I gave him his name”.
Every child dreams a lot. Very few of them come true. Rahul was soon dropped and replaced with some other name. Every child has a huge ego. I also had a big ego. I felt insulted. On that very day I decided – “Whenever in life, if I have a son, I will name him Rahul. Nobody and absolutely nobody will change it. After all he will be my son”

Like I said, not every childhood dream comes true. I proposed the name Rahul for my first son. It was disposed. My first son was named Divyansh. But God has given me another chance to make my childhood dream come true. And I am not going to miss it this time. Noway.

If you want me to explain why Sachin, just leave this page and go jump out of the window. Someone asked me the meaning of the name Sachin and I said “God of cricket”

Let’s see who wins - 1985 or 2011, number 3 or number 4 or simply Sachin or Rahul.

I will keep you posted.


Mohit said...

Go for Rahul...God is One (thatz what I heard in school)....we will need a good no 3 in test...

Anima said...

go for sachin. we have an 8yr old sachin!!

ria said...

But both the names are so common now!

Spiff said...


Dilip Sah said...

Congrats for doosra!!!