Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just to make it see sunlight – Part 5

Finally the book moves on. It took me almost two years to complete this story which will occupy maximum of 3 pages. Going at this rate, I will complete a 200 page book sometime in December 2078. I cannot take this risk. What if my concept gets stolen? The rate at which my expenses are exceeding my income, I am sure I will not have any savings to pay to fight a lawsuit. Hence to be on a safer side, I will keep posting it here. In case you have forgotten the context, please read first few paragraphs of this. I have already started working on the next story. Here is the current story.


“Hi Swapnil. I am XXX. I was just browsing through FB and came across your profile. I was surprised to know the kind of similarities you and I share. You did you MBA from Calcutta. My father had taken all of us to Calcutta when I was a kid. You are a CA. I go to my CA every year to get my IT return filed. You like bungee jumping. My uncle’s son’s friend’s neighbor’s daughter also likes bungee jumping. You are wearing green color shirt in your profile photo. The color of grass in my garden is green. See, there are truckloads of similarities between you and me. So I thought let’s just get to know a bit more about each other.”

While you do not mind receiving such a mail from a female, I had been around long enough to know the most possible source of any such mail – any of your mail friends trying to lure you into a trap. So I did not believe this mail. But then human mind never gives up one thing – hope. “What if it’s genuine? What if it’s really a girl has sent this to me? I don’t look that bad after all, do I?” was the second thought that struck me.

So I replied while keeping my fingers crossed. And it started a mail chain.

One fine morning, I got a good morning call from her.


“Hey!!! It’s XXX. ”

“Hey. How are you?”

“I am fine. I just thought of making morning good for you. So I called up”

I was so glad that it wasn’t a trap. It was actually a girl sending me these mails. I do have a charisma. I always knew it.

Slowly the frequency of calls increased.

One fine day, we decided to meet up.

It was going to be a blind date.

There a stark similarity between a blind date and watching a Shakeela movie – you know it will be a disappointment yet you watch thinking “what IF something is there worth not missing”

So I landed at the pre-decided venue – CCD. It was crowded. As expected, she had not arrived there.

“Women in life and police in movies are similar. They are always late” I thought.

I started ogling at a hot chic sitting alone in her seat. “Let me enjoy my evening before it gets spoiled” I thought. The hot chic caught me staring at her so I started searching for other good-looking faces in CCD.

But she stood up and came marching towards me. “Oh no, I smell trouble here” I thought.

“Hey, are you Swapnil?” she asked me.

“Till now I am but I can be anyone else also if you like” I said, only in my mind. In reality, I said “Yes”.

“Hi. I am XXX” she said.

“Ok” I said coldly. I was lost in her, completely. She was beautiful. She was gorgeous. She made me forget everything.

“Hello!!! I am XXX” she repeated in a louder voice.

“Oh hi, how are you?” I said with disbelief written all over her face. I had hit a jackpot, a jackpot.

“Is she? Is she really XXX? Am I dreaming – only the bill will tell that if I am?” I was thinking. I immediately started searching for hidden cameras in CCD. “This is surely MTV Bakra, surely. Where is Cyrus Brocha? He might have been a hit in all his shows but today he is going to flop. You cannot fool me. Even if you lure me to drop in your trap by using a model, I am not going to fall for it. Noway.” I was thinking as I sat down.

It took almost 15 minutes to ensure that it was all real and I was not going to be an MTV Bakra.

She was clad in a white sleeveless top and a red skirt. It looked as if she had taken at least couple of hours to get ready.

I was wearing grey trousers and a light blue shirt. It looked as if I had just played a match of Kabaddi.

I wonder how girls always manage to look so fresh. Only time I look fresh in a day is when I am coming out of toilet. Yeah, it really feels so fresh.

We did hit off reasonably okay for the first date. We chatted for an hour or so. She was all words. I was all ears.

Aim of her chat was to do a preliminary check on me – if I was marriage material or not. For me, she was a damn good material.  

Her stubbornness did hit at my ego a few times– it didn’t make me feel like getting up and running away but it didn’t make our meeting a completely pleasant one also.

I felt that she found my Desipana a bit too much to handle – I wasn’t too shabbily dressed to look like a Yankee but I wasn’t at my suave best either.

As our date came to an end, we decided to go for a movie on our next date.

While parting away she said in her mellifluous voice “I want to say something to you. I hope you will not mind. After all we are friends, aren’t we?”

“What? She is going to propose to me. Boss, this is surely MTV Bakra else why would she say – I hope you will not mind. But even if it is MTV Bakra, I don’t mind it. This Bakra was really well fed before being sacrificed” I was thinking while expecting a Bakra cap to appear in her hands.

“Please go ahead” I replied.

“I think you can carry yourself better. Please don’t mind. It for your own good.” she replied in a tone which I found a bit disparaging. I would have easily taken an MTV Bakra surprise instead of this.

I nodded while trying to put a smile on my face.

“I also want to say something to you. I hope you will not mind. After all we are friends, aren’t we?”

“Yeah sure.” she replied.

“I think you can talk a bit less. Please don’t mind. It for your own good” I said to her but she was gone before I could complete my sentence.

That was the first time we met. That also was the last time we met.

“Where did it go wrong?” I asked a friend of mine few days later.

“@!#@$%!#$@!%” was his reply.

Part 6 to come soon.…


Spiff said...

insecurity has its own price..plus neway u dint seem to have a chance

Anonymous said...

Agues come on horseback, but go away on foot.

Ruchi said...

Bless her that she gave you material enuff to fill 3 pages of ur book :)

Sachin Gulhane said...

Sometime I wonder, sometime I sure ..gar ye book publish hota to Manager tumhe SUE karata :-)
But what as waste - I always thought you are good material for writer , but you are happy with your IT/Finance boring life