Monday, April 18, 2011

Office humor!!!

Here are some of the incidents that have happened at my workplace. It’s described as a conversation between me and the other person (OP). There are some jokes you have to let the world know about - it's your duty as a human. Any resemblance to anyone in any form is deeply regretted. But no big deal. Regret is an unwanted but not detachable quality of human nature.

Madhya Pradesh –

OP – Which part of India does Madhya Pradesh belong to? Is it east, west, south, or north?

Me – Dude, its Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh.

OP – Yeah that I know. But which part of the country does it belong to – east, west, south, or north?

Me – See, the state is huge and its spread in all the direction. You pick which part of it you want to choose– east, west, south, or north.

Finally someone had to show him the map of India.

Kids -

OP – Dude, when are your kids coming back?

Me – Next month.

OP – Both will come back next month?

Me – No. younger one will come back next month. Elder one is too small to travel alone so he will come back when my wife comes back.

My wife is currently at her parent’s place with the 2 kids. I have two sons – one is two and half years old and other one is a month old.

Paneer –

Me- You know how to make Paneer?

OP – Yes, by boiling milk?

Me – How?

OP – You boil milk. Water evaporates. Remaining solid is Paneer. It's common sense, isn't it?

Stock Price –

Me – Wow, XYZ’s stock price has run up 13% today.

OP – Great. Is that listed?

Me – No, it’s not. But since the stock has run up by 13% in a day, XYZ has decided to come up with an IPO.

Cricket World cup 2011–

OP – What? There is no match to decide the third place this time?

Me – There was one. But ICC wanted you to raise your voice. Hence they scrapped that match.

PS: Above conversations are a mix of truth and fiction. While my statements have a tinge of fiction, the tinge is completely missing from OP’s statements.


Kaushik said...

quit the place soon

Sachin Gulhane said...

just realised , why you want to leave that office ...

Spiff said...

I think thjere is a distinct ack of understanding of the word 'Madhya' in the other person.