Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Office humor – part 2!!!

I picked up blogging for one single reason – to improve my English writing skills. English has always been my weakest point. Once I started blogging, some of my friends said that I write reasonably well – my friends have always been nice to me. Some liked what I write about cricket, some found sense in my humor. So I have continued writing. Writing gives me a feeling of satisfaction of having done something creative in an otherwise mundane work life. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find the topics on which I want to write. But off late, I have not had such complaints. My current job has given me loads of topics to write about. My blog posts/ month ratio has hardly been so high in any of my previous jobs. Here I am back writing about events in my office.

Mahatma Gandhi!!!

In case you don’t know, there is a colleague of mine who I mentioned in Madhya Pradesh (MP) joke here. Today, he had been singing out loud since morning. People started making fun of him.

He retorted back saying “That is why I don’t sing much because I know you people will start insulting my talent.”

I stood up and said in his support “Don’t worry dude. Just look at any great man in the history. Before he achieved greatness, this world insulted him. Once he became great, people worshipped him.”

He smiled at me.

“Look at Mahatma Gandhi. He was thrown out of a train before he became the great man we all know” I continued my preaching.

“Is it? He was thrown out of a train? I thought he was shot dead” he responded quizzically.

I stood quietly for few minutes, looked for a hole where I could jump into and came back to my seat.

He came to my seat.

I asked him “Dude, are you really like this or you acted?”

“No. I don’t know about the train thing. All I know is that Mahatma Gandhi did some Dandi march and someone shot him dead”

“Once he was thrown out of a train”

“Oh. So you mean he wasn’t shot dead?” he asked again.

“Dude, he was shot dead. But before that he lived for 78 years. He had so many events in his life. What I told you was also an event in his life. Don’t you really know about this story?”

“No. Please tell me” he requested politely.

I was again in a shock thinking “How can someone not know about Mahatma Gandhi’s life’s such an important event”

But I kept my composure. “I am a father of two kids. I must get used to of this kind of innocence and be prepared to reply to most stupid of questions” I thought. With a poor vocabulary, I have a habit of using these two words - innocence and ignorance interchangeably.

I patiently explained him the train story. As I was coming to the end of the story and saying “That event is known as the turning point in his life. After this happened, he decided to….”

“To fight against whites” he jumped to the conclusion.

This time he didn’t shock me. If someone doesn’t know about the life of one of the greatest Indians ever lived, he is not expected to know the great man’s philosophy as well.


Once day my MPwala colleague was talking aloud about twitter. He was telling us all why we should follow people like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Mahesh Bhatt, how these two men possess amazing sense of humor, How their philosophy in life had made them so successful. My colleague was going on and on.

So I asked him, “Dude, what is your twitter id? Tell me. I will follow you on twitter”

Mujhe mera id nahi pata. Main to blackberry use karta hoon na. Yeh seedhe twitter dikha deta hai, log-in nahi karna padta.” (Actually I use blackberry so I don’t know my id. It directly shows me twitter. I don’t need to log-in) he said while taking out his blackberry and started showing it to me.

I started pulling out my hair.

PS: I know there is a lot more to come so no need to write – to be continued.


Anonymous said...

As discussed, this is a matter of shame and concern more than humour.

Spiff said...

i started blogging to better structure my thought structure pricess and writng stle

Sachin Gulhane said...

As long as you have people like him arond, easy to pass time in office .. wrok doesnt get that boring!! You know what i meant..
Btw- did you give him M.K .Gandhi's biography or atelast present him Gandhi movie DVD

Ruminating Optimist said...

Reminds me of one of the auditions for MTV Roadies. He was equally shameless while answering some basic questions about India.