Thursday, June 09, 2011

Office humor – Part 4

Hitler –

We were having lunch in office – 5 or 6 of us. We were also blessed with the presence of MPWala guy on the lunch table.

Suddenly he shouted to someone “Arey, Hitler. Divide & rule”

I was perplexed. Hence I asked “Dude, what is the link between Hitler and Divide & Rule?”

“Don’t you know? Hitler was known for his Divide & Rule policy.”

“Was he?” I wondered.

“No no. It was king of Portugal who was famous for it” another guy winked towards me while saying so.

“Yeah it was Napoleon” I said.

“Oh it was Napoleon? May be it was him. My knowledge of history is weak” MPwala guy said apologetically.

Roti -

We were again having our lunch. My female colleague, who is a regular member of our lunch group, came to the lunch table and said “My dabba has not come today so I will be going out. Will you accompany me?”

I nodded.

MPwala guy offered his lunch to her saying “You can have my lunch”

She politely refused saying “No. If I eat your lunch, what will you do?”

MPwala guy showed his unbeatable presence of mind and chivalry - he immediately put his left hand in the pocket of his shirt, took out a bundle of Rotis and offered it to her “No. Please have this”

I  fell down from my chair.


Spiff said...

This is something that we have all experienced

Alpachra said...

can you give the link to this blog to your MPwala....I want to see his comments....