Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Spirits!!!

Or the ghosts - Do they exist? Or it’s just an imagination of mind? Have you really seen them? Or it was just a friend trying to play a prank on you? It has been one of the most talked about discussions ever. I have read Geetha which says something on the lines of – “A spirit cannot be seen “or I believe that the book says so. Hence I don’t believe in the fact that spirits or ghosts exist.

But I have heard from a lot of people that they have seen a spirit or a ghost– from people within my family, from friends and from others. I have had a couple of experiences myself which made me doubt my belief.

My mother always tells us her experience of seeing a ghost when she was a kid. We always laugh whenever she tells us that story. She always looks scared while telling that story. She has maintained her stand “It was a ghost. I have never seen anything so scary” Even though decades have passed but the fear in her eyes remains the same about that incident.

I have been told by a friend who, along with his friend, saw a spirit in the valleys of Nainital. “All of us saw the same thing and fell sick for days after that. Two of us couldn’t recover for weeks” he told me. When I said that he and his friend must have been too drunk, he responded saying “10 drunken minds cannot independently see the same vision at a single time”

There was a time in 2006-2007 when I often used to feel that a white light had just flickered near me. It happened many a times. Initially I thought that is was my cell phone’s light. But one day I forgot it at home and still felt the same light flickering near me for couple of times. It continued to happen for weeks. May be it was all in my mind but consistent occurrences of the event made me think that it was something more than that. I tried to reason it out but failed.

“Some things in life do not have an explanation. Leave it at that” a friend advised. I agreed. It stopped after a few weeks.

But there was one incident which is still pretty much fresh in my mind. I could never find the reason for it.

These days not having a maid to help in household stuff is considered to be unimaginable. But during those days, a maid was considered to be a super luxury. Housewives normally took care of all the household work. My mother was no different. And the simple reason for not having a maid was that we couldn’t afford one. So when we finally decided to have a maid, my mother was joyous.

Our maid, Laxmi, did reduce mom’s workload to great extent. Mom took good care of her and regularly doled out gifts/Bakshish to her. Mom use to say “People often complain about their maid like they steal stuff or don’t come one time or take too many off. I don’t have any such complains with Laxmi. Hence I don’t want her to leave.”

I was almost 8 years old then. It was the month of May – a really hot month in the northern part of the country. When the temperature crosses 45 degree during the summers, all you want to look for in the sky are clouds which bring rain. But clouds don’t arrive before the first week of June. So till then, you bear the heat which is unbearable.

Laxmi, who was pregnant, was having a tough time too. She was due in few weeks’ time and a hot summer was really making her life difficult. She was planning to go to her village very soon for the remaining period.

That night there was a regular power cut. So all of us, in the compound we lived in, were sitting out of our houses. Kids were playing. Elders were busy discussing the state of the country. And we all were desperately waiting for the monsoon.

Suddenly I saw a white light entering my house. I thought the power was back and shouted in joy. As soon as I did so, I saw the same light leaving my house. The joyous shout was silenced immediately by the thought that power was gone again as soon as it came back. It all happened within a second. My dad also saw it happening and so did my mom. Our neighbors also witnessed it. We were all perplexed. We started talking about it, “What was that?”

Did the power come back and was gone again? But we didn’t have any tube-lights in our house which emit white light. All we had were yellow bulbs. The light that was seen was white. And even if power did come back, why only my house saw the light? Why not other houses? Another thought was about it being lightening. But a lightening can only strike during a cloudy night. The sky was as clear as possible - we could possibly have counted all the stars in the sky. We talked about it till midnight when the power was back and went back to sleep.

My mom was waiting for Laxmi next day who was late for work. Mom was surprised as Laxmi had never been late, not even once. In fact, Laxmi didn’t come that day. During the evening Laxmi’s husband came to our house asking for monetary help for her wife’s funeral. Laxmi had died last night. We all were shocked by the news.

Mom said, “Now I know what that light was. It was Laxmi’s spirit visiting us. People’s spirits do visit places they like once they are dead” I didn’t understand much of it then.

But as I was growing up, it kept lingering on my mind. To me it was something very strange had happened on that night. We all had seen a white light entering and leaving our house. Maybe around the same time Laxmi had died that night. So was it really her spirit visiting our place? Or it was a pure coincidence that she died around the same time we all imagined a light moving around?

But can 10 odd people independently imagine the same thing at the same time? Or do the spirits really exist? I have never found an answer to this.


Spiff said...

I could tell you..but then I wud hv to kill you

Dreamer said...

Spiff died 48 years ago......what you see and talk to is his spirit