Office humor – part 5!!!

Office humor is back. Here are the recent additions.

Come or Cum -

My colleague, MPwala guy, was going out to have his lunch. He was looking for someone to accompany him. He invited another colleague of mine, let’s call him X.

MPwala guy shouted at the top of his voice, “Hey X, had your lunch?”

“Not yet” said X.

“Want to give me company?”

“Okay” replied X.

“Let’s come” said MPwala guy with a smile.

I thought something was wrong but maybe he meant to say “Let’s cum”. But asking a guy to cum? I am in the process of gathering courage to ask him if he said come or cum. Both of them sound similar. Hope the process gets completed.

Working hardly –

MPwala guy was again looking for company to go out somewhere. He took a colleague, P, along with him. He asked another colleague, Q, to come along with him.

“Dude, want to have a cup of tea?” asked MPwala guy.

“No. I am tied up with something”

“Oh, you are busy”


“Come then, Q is busy. He is working very hardly” said MPwala guy to P and off they went.

European conundrum -

A colleague, A, popped a question, “This UK, doesn’t it come in Europe?”

B responded, “No it doesn’t “

MPwala guy chipped in, “Not everything is in Europe. See England. England is not UK. It’s not in Europe also”

A wondered, “Is it?”

C gave his two cents, “If you see history, even US was counted as a part of Europe in earlier days. Check google, you will find the details. Some part of it still comes in Europe”

All of them started searching US in Europe.

I thought – ‘Before these guys shift my beloved nation to Europe, I must leave for home. Left I did.


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