Cricket and Wives!!!

Given my dumb head, God has compensated me with really sharp ears. Eavesdropping is one of my strengths. I happened to overhear this conversation today –

A: Dude, what’s up?
B: Nothing, just too sleepy.

A: I can see that. Your eyes look too red. Not well?
B: I am fine man.

A: Then?
B: Wife had gone back to her parent’s place for a week. She came back yesterday.

A: Oh. That explains your lack of sleep. (Smiles and winks)
B: Not the way you are thinking. We had a bit of a tiff last night and by the time cease fire was declared, it was 3:00AM.

A: What happened?
B: Well nothing really. I went back home last evening and we decided to go out.

A: Last evening? How could you?
B: Yeah, but you know all this.

A: Then what happened. You missed the match?
B: Haan yaar. Just before going out I asked her to wait for some time so that I can watch a bit of the match.

A: Oh. If I was Mr. Tracer Bullet, I would have said – “That must have set the cat among the pigeons”.
B: Yeah. As soon as I switched onto the match, she started shouting, “We are meeting after more than a week and still you are more interested in this stupid cricket match. Why the hell you married me. You look much happier with this stupid game”

A: Haha, then?
B: Then what? You can imagine the rest. I wish I could tell her that if we were meeting after more than a week, India was winning after more than three months.

A: Don’t remind me of that England tour please. You could have explained it to her.
B: You are also married. Have you ever tried explaining?

A: You are mad or what?
B: Haha, the big vehicle-small vehicle concept.

A: Yeah I know. No matter what is the truth, bigger vehicle is always at a fault in an accident.
B: And husband is the bigger vehicle in accident called marriage. Man, I had to miss the thrashing of England last night.

A: It was good. They played worse than how we played in England.
B: Sometimes I wonder – God should either have invented cricket or wives.

A: I know. I am sure he invented cricket first.
B: How?
A: God invented cricket. Then he saw people like us getting so lost in the game that they almost forgot God.
B: True. Hence he invented wives so that we don’t forget the almighty.

A: Exactly. Every time there is a cricket match, he switches onto his avtar in wives so that we don’t forget God.
B: I agree.

A: Anyways, we won emphatically.
B: Tell me more.

A: To tell you the truth, I also didn’t see the match.
B: What? Why?

A: As you know, today is Karwa Chauth so wife is fasting.
B: So you had to take her out to a grand dinner so that she could prepare for today’s fast.

A: I can see an improvement in your intellect in my company.

There was a big laughter followed by long silence. After a few minutes, both of them spoke almost simultaneously – “When are they showing the highlights? I hope it doesn’t coincide with the timing of moon tonight.”

PS1 – My intention is to see if you can find some sense in my humor.
PS2 – Remember, I was “eavesdropping”.
PS3 – Any sentiments hurt are deeply regretted.
PS4 – No more PS.


Spiff said…
Your friends are slitely annoying

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