Office humor - part 6!!!

Did you get the mail???

I received a message on my phone from an ex-colleague. For next few minutes, we conversed through text-messages.
“Hi. How are you doing?”
“I am fine. How are you?” I replied.
“I need a favor from you” he replied back.
“Tell me”
“A friend of mine is looking for a job. Can you forward his CV to your friends?”
“No issues. Mail it to me.”
“Can I have your mail-id please?” he enquired.
“It’s fultoo.bakar at gmail” I replied back. In our conversation, I gave him my real mail-id but I am not typing it here. Never give away personal details on a public forum is what I often hear.
“I’ve sent it in a mail. Could you please acknowledge the receipt?” he replied.
“No mate. Haven’t received anything”
“Can you please confirm your mail-id?”
“It’s fultoo.bakar at gmail” I replied back.
“Can you check if you have received it now?” he wondered.
“No luck. My mail id is” I had to do what I was trying to avoid till now – searching for @ and dot symbols in my phone and typing it.
“Sent again”
“I got it this time”
Now why did the delivery of the mail failed in first two attempts and succeeded in third, I leave it to you to decide the reason. I have not been able to figure it out.


Sachin Gulhane said…
Not really agree, technically , co if you dont give @ , I suspect email would be send from your mailbox.. But nevertheless as a humour it was good :-)

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