Few Jokes!!!

• If Sri Lanka wants Sachin to play in Galle, they will need to change their sponsor. Because right now, the banner painted on the grass inside the ground says “Just Retirement”.

• Why our high-profile politicians never retire? It’s because that would count for wrongdoing in God’s eyes. #Sachin is God #retiring on high is selfish.

• Sachin was fit enough to go for Ambani’s party. Very next morning his big toe resurfaced, he rushed to London and had to miss Dravid’s facilitation. So what happened at the party? Did Ambani or Mallaya stamp on Sachin’s foot in the party?

• Dowry is like a printer. You fall for it by seeing those glossy printouts and think you would take such printouts 24X7. But the biggest pain in any printer is its cartridge. It’s unavoidable. Wife is a cartridge.

• When he was 16, we all said “He is 16 and yet plays so well”. When he is 39, we all say “He is 39 and yet plays so well”. Sachin is Y axis. Afridi is X axis as we say about him “No matter how he plays, he is still 16”.


Spiff said…
not really

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