Few Observations!!!

  • If Lasith Malinga was Shaun Tait, he would have announced his retirement after Hobart.     
  • Shahid Afridi has got his name wrong. Actually it’s him whose name should be Umar Gul because right since 1996, his umar is gul. 

  • Bangladeshi cricketers must have been bad students of history because none of them seem to know about Muktivahini.

  • Bangladesh forced us out of World Cup 2007. Bangladesh forced us out of Asia Cup 2012. Congress must take the blame for both. The year was 1971 you know….

  • World cup final was between two different shades of blue. Asia cup final will be between two different shades of green. A tip for those who are looking to change the paint of their houses – if you whitewash it twice, blue turns into green.

  • Suresh Raina will be extremely happy if Mayan Prophecy comes true and the world outside Asian subcontinent is submerged into water.
PS: Picture courtesy in.com.


Spiff said…
If this is the logic then all of this is not possible

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