A Look Into That Mirror!!!

When spirits get shattered and dreams start dying

When nothing just happens even though you keep trying

When you stop running because you think you are losing  breath

When it looks like a gloomy night and your hopes meet death

Its time to think about that mirror and seeing yourself in it

Its time to think if you can look into your eyes without shying a bit

Its time for you to get up and give it one more shot

Because on a journey full of bite, a surrender will leave a dark blot

An ant never gives up and climbs a mountain high

A task too big but her success makes us sigh

A battle can never be lost if you stand your own ground

Always believe in life that a miracle is in a corner just around

Victory may become inevitable if you don't lose your bite

To win you surely need a will and not really the strongest might

If you lose, it will end in pain, anguish and cries

But if you've fought your best, you can stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes

Losing does hurt and its easy to give up

But what's that life if you stand in front of that mirror and can't look up.


Spiff said…
Waah Waah
Waah Waah
Anonymous said…

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