Office humor – Depth Market!!!

“Hi Vibhash. Can you arrange training on depth market for my team?” was the mail from a relatively senior pro - weight of his salary slips was surely more than mine, both in terms of number of salary slips and the numbers in salary slips.

The mail caught me off guard. I thought that there must have been some mistake. I checked the subject line and it said – training in depth market.

It must be a typo. He must have copied pasted the subject from the content of the mail, I thought.

But what if there is something like depth market? I thought again. There is no point in correcting a senior fellow and ending up looking like an idiot. I decided to be a bit cautious.

During all my education and experience in financial services industry, I had never heard the term called depth market.

I checked with a friend who used to be a corporate banker “Dude, do you know anything called depth market?”

“All I know is that market has enough depth to get me drowned. But I have never heard about depth market. What the hell is that?”

“I wouldn’t be asking you had I known it. Chuck it”

I was a bit apprehensive in replying to mail – having worked in financial services, how I can not know this term. Anyhow, I mustered some courage to reply back “I have not heard anything about depth market. By any chance, did you mean debt market?”

The guy immediately pinged me back, “Is there nothing called depth market?”

“Maybe there is but I am not aware of. Sorry” I replied back.


“By any chance, did you mean debt market?”

“Is there something called debt market?”

“Yes there is and I know a bit about it. But in case you are looking for depth market, I will be out of depth”

“Okay fine. Can you provide training to my team on debt market?”

“Yes I can” I replied back.


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