Office Humor - Dussehra!!!

In my current assignment, I am dealing with two parties. Let’s call them A and B. A is a US company based   somewhere in North Coast and B is a Thai company based somewhere in Thailand. Just for those who are bitten by globalization bug – I am in India.

24th October was a holiday for us but for first time in my life, I was expected to work on a holiday. Can’t tell how much I hate it.

So on 23rd of October, around 11:30 in night, I get a call from my manager asking about something – specifics of which I cannot mention here.

“Do you know this?” he asked.

“Nope I don’t” I replied in a tired voice. It’s not very often that yours truly has been in office till 11:00 PM.

“Why not?” He said in an angry tone.

“I don’t own this information. I will need to confirm with others – A or B” I sounded perplexed. It was like asking me about Sachin’s retirement. How the hell I am supposed to know about his retirement plans. Ask me about Sir Ajit Agarkar and I can tell with 100% guarantee what will be his first ball – it will be a wide down the leg side.

“When do you plan to do that?”

“I will ask them tomorrow”

“You should have done that today. Anyways, please do it first thing in the morning”

“Whose morning – my morning, A’s morning or B’s morning? Mind you, we all have different mornings”

“ASAP is what I meant”

“Okay. I will do it ASAP”

“But will they be working tomorrow?”


“A, I mean”

“A is based out of US. I don’t think they celebrate Dussehra in US”

“Oho. I know that. I meant B”

“B is in Thailand. Don’t think they celebrate Dussehra in Thailand either”

“Yeah I know. Just do it ASAP” and he hung up the phone.


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