From India with Love!!!

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“Hey Vinod, how are you?” James Bond called up his friend, Agent Vinod.

“Mr. James Bond. What a pleasant surprise. How are you my dear friend?”

“Just surviving the ordeal called life, V”

“What happened mate? Why are you sounding so dull? All well?”

“Yeah V. All is well.”

“I read about the hike in MI6, James. Bravo. I knew with the kind of hard work you put in, recognition was never far away”

“That’s all farce, V. They are offering me less than 3%. The news in papers is not exactly the way things are.”

“Holy cow. That’s terrible, James. How will you survive?”

“I know V. I have decided to quit.”

“Is that so? Where are you joining in that case?”

“Nowhere V. I have decided to do something of my own”

“What will you do James?”

“I will do anything that gets me big money. That’s why I am calling you V. I’ve heard there is shitloads of money to be made in Bollywood.”

“Yes James. That’s true. In fact you have called me at the right time. I have been working on a script and it’s ready. I am looking for a producer. Can you be one?”

“That’s very flattering V. Why don’t you produce it yourself?”

“Oh James, I am a poor man. I belong to working middle class in India who pay half of their salary in taxes and other half is snatched away by their respective better halves”

“Perils of a married man, V. What is the movie all about? Tell me the script. I will see what I can do”

 “Oh James, thanks a lot. It’s a wonderful, never told before script. You will love it. In fact the world will love it.”

“I am listening” said James.

“It’s a love saga. It’s about dreams. It’s about love in dreams and dreaming about love”

“Go ahead. Start the story”

“Raj and Simran are boarding a train from Bhatinda, a small town in India. They are planning to go to Delhi and catch a flight to London. It’s on the train where Rahul spots Simran and falls in love with her. It’s love at first sight. But Raj and Simran are about to get married and Simran is already in love with Raj. Rahul sees his hopes getting shattered”

“So Rahul kills Raj? That’s too predictable” says James.

“James. It’s India. We don’t kill for love. We don’t need to. We have better ways. Now if you would please let me complete” Agent Vinod sounds perturbed with the interruption.

“Okay. Please go ahead” says an apologetic James.

“Rahul calls up his aunt, Rifat Bee. Rifat Bee has a solution for every problem. He advises Rahul to take Simran in his dream and plant an idea that she loves Rahul. If that happens, it will be lot easier for Rahul to make Simran fall for him in love”


“Rahul sings a song to make her sleep. I’ve even written the first few lines of the song. I have kept international audience in mind while writing it. Here it goes

Of my dear dove, here is my sleep inducing love

Oh mere pyare kabootar, yeh raha mera sulaane wala pyar

So the moment Simran dozes off, Rahul takes her to his own dream. They get down at Zurich and meet up”

“What? There is a direct train from a small town in India to Zurich?” wonders James.

“Dude, it’s a dream. Anything is possible in a dream. Now if you please allow me to….”

“Okay. Sorry. Please proceed” said an apologetic James.

“Rahul and Simran meet in Zurich and start seeing each other. But suddenly Rahul’s childhood friend Sunny turns up”

“Wonderful. I like the name Sunny. It reminds me of Mrs. Leone”

“It is her, James. It is Sunny Leone”

“What? Sunny Leone is Rahul’s childhood friend?”

“No really. But I introduced her in the story to keep it real. Ever since we have seen 5

th season of Big Boss, no dream of an Indian man can be complete without her”

“Oh is it. The same applies to me as well” said James with a chuckle.

“Now it becomes a love triangle. Rahul loves Simran. Sunny loves Rahul. And Simran is confused between Rahul and Raj – who has also entered the dream”

“I don’t know why this story is giving me a feeling of Déjà vu. Anyhow, please go ahead” says James.

“It’s all a big tangle now. Rahul and Simran have become good friends and their friendship is progressing towards love. Raj and Simran are seeing their love proceeding towards friendship. Sunny is friends with all of them but she loves Rahul who loves Simran”

“Then what happens?”

“While Rahul has had some success in planting the idea in Simran’s mind, his success isn’t complete. He cannot see Sunny being sad as well since Rahul is refusing her proposal. He gets another idea and needs to plant it in Raj’s mind that will make Raj and Sunny fall in love for each other. So he decides to take everyone in his dream”

“But they are already in his dream, aren’t they?” wondered James.

“That was first dream. Now they are entering in another dream – let’s call it dream two”

“Dream within a dream? But that is….”

“I know that is brilliant. That is work of a genius. That is a never told love saga. That’s why I have decided to name this movie as

Beinteha Sapney – dreams unlimited. You want to know what happens next or not”

“Go ahead”

“Rahul again sings a song

Sapno mein dekh sapna, kiya paraya maal apna

Saw dream within a dream, made other’s stuff as mine

They all go to sleep. They all go in Rahul’s dream, the dream two. Raj falls in love with Sunny and Simran falls in love with Raj. The movie ends”

“The movie ends? They are still in their dreams, aren’t they?”

“Yes they are. We will end this movie here and let the audience wonder about the same. That gives us scope for making a sequel to it”

“Please forgive me if I am wrong V but isn’t this a direct lift from Nolan’s Inception?”

“Mr. James Bond, in India we call it inspiration rather than lifting. To add to this, Inception was all about violence and destruction. This movie is all about love and friendship and emotions”

“Yes, that’s there”

“So tell me James, are you going to produce this?”

“I cannot commit anything right now V. I will have to think about it”

“Sure James. I will be waiting” said Agent Vinod and hung up the phone.

Bebo¸ Vinod’s wife came to him and asked “Oh my Nawab, who were you talking to for so long”“It was James Bond. I was telling him about my script”

“Wonderful. Did he like it?”

“It doesn’t matter if he liked it or not. What matters is that he is quitting MI6 because MI6 refused to give him any salary hike. Soon MI6 will be seeking his replacement. It’s time to mail across my resume”

“But what about your dream of making a movie?” wondered


“That can wait

Bebo. But right now what I am more interested is getting a job in an MNC. I am sick of these Indian companies. They suck blood like a vampire and pay peanuts”

“But you just said that MI6 is not giving any hike to James. So will it be too different, MI6 I mean”

“It doesn’t matter

Bebo. It is an MNC. And with posting in UK, I will be multiplying my income by 90”

“That’s great honey”

“Just think about it, we can move to London, earn in foreign currency, pay off our bank loan for our 2BHK in Vasai, save some more money, come back in a few years and make a movie on my own”

“That sounds like a plan my

Nawab. I am sure you will make it large


Yes. I will make it large and I hope that what I wouldn’t need to wonder this time would be “who made it large” thought Agent Vinod while opening his bottle of McDowell club soda. 

To be continued..


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