Sports day and the Beautiful Ladies!!!

I fail to understand the schools these days. They charge you a fortune although two plus two has been, is and will always be equal to four. They keep telling you that the seats available in their classes are thousand times lesser than the real demand although they keep calling you with different offers. Quite often I feel – like real estates, this industry is also sitting on a big bubble. Maybe not exactly same but events like this  give strength to my belief.

I cannot even recall the number of times I have gone to my son’s school till date – he is in Junior KG, for different reasons be it PTA or some other event. I am sure you would all agree that I don’t have a bad memory but I still cannot recall more than 5 occasions when my parents needed to go to my school – from lowest class to class XII. Yours truly deserves some credit too – whenever there was a need for parent’s visit at school, I sorted it out at my end.

So there I was today morning, at sports day function where 2-3-4-5 year old kids were running different kinds of races. Some were crying, some were laughing. Some were running, some were falling. Some were winning, rest were not.

And parents, parents were busy clapping. Fathers were holding their bulging tummies whereas mothers were managing their make-ups in the flood of sweat. Don’t count me as a pervert but looking at the mothers gives me a strange feeling. A look at them and I feel like calling them “Aunty”. After all I have been calling married women as “Aunty” for ages. But I must have been fancying few of them or others like them, not so long ago. Feeling of getting old is so cruel.

Finally the kids’ running session ended. It was time for parents to showcase their sporting and sporty side.

The event jockey made an announcement “What a wonderful performance by the children. Now dear parents, it’s you turn now. Can all the mommies stand up and gather at the race track?”

I didn’t see many ladies buzzing from their places.

Event jockey was an intelligent lady. She rectified her announcement “Okay. Can we have all the beautiful and lovely ladies gather at the race track to participate in the race?”

The race track was filled with all the mothers within no time


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