The Legends of Sir - Quiz!!!

downloadOkay, you think you know a lot about the planetary motions, Poonam Pandey’s wardrobe and Arnab Go-Swami? You think you have a brain which works as fast as Rajinikanth’s reflexes, it is as sharp as your chic’s tongue and as prolific as Indian sperms, take this quiz. Just try it.

The quiz is about Sir. Yes sir, the Sir. If you think I am crazy, give me a Sir who is better than Jadeja. I will give you a Jadeja who is better than that sir. Sir is the best Jadeja in the world.

For ease of writing, I am giving the answers along with the questions. Try being a bit honest, I know it’s a difficult, and answer the questions yourself before looking at the answers. First three winners will get personally signed video cassettes of Sir’s fourth triple hundred – as and when it happens but you know it is just around the corner, don’t you?

Here you go.

Q. If Diego Maradona’s daughter marries Sir, what will she be called?

A. Sir-a-Dona.

Q. Why doesn’t Sir play cover drives?

A. Because he modeled his batting on Sachin’s epic 241 in Sydney – from one master to another, no cover drives there and no cover drives here, just loads of brilliance all everywhere.

Q. Why doesn’t Sir play straight drives?

A. What’s the fun in playing straight? Sir prefers swinging it both ways and does it hard.

Q. Once a man named Nicholas tried to get cozy with Sir. What is he known as now?

A. Nicholas Sir-Cozy.

Q. When Sir sends an SMS to someone, what are they called?

A. SirKaSms.

Q. When Sir starts cussing, what is it called?

A. SirCus.

Q. If Sir’s wife also turns out to be his Bhakt (devotee) like us, what will Sir become?

A. Bhakta-a-Var.

Q. If Sir was a boxer, what would have been his nick name?

A. Sir-Punch.

Q. If Sir acts in a “Movie” with Sunny Leone, what would it be called?

A. Boss, even jokes have their limits in being unrealistic and hypothetical. Now go count your score and mail it across to me at onlygenuinefan@Sir.Jadeja.

Hail Sir.


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