The Eyes!!!

You are wandering aimlessly in a shopping mall. It’s the garments section. You look at a few shirts you like, check the cloth, the color, the quality and in the end, the price tags. The price tag makes you reject them. Few years back you would have bought them without giving a damn to the price tags but not now. Now it is nothing but an exercise to kill time.
Suddenly your eyes start focusing at a particular point, retinas start stressing them and nostrils start getting euphoric.
You see her coming in your direction.
She looks fresh as a lily. Her rosy cheeks are beautified even further because of her smile. Her long, straight, silky hair are bouncing beautifully as she walks – a walk more real than what you see on ramps. Her earrings do make their presence felt once in five seconds. The pendant around her neck seems to have found the perfect place. Her black top is in total contrast to her color and adding to the shine she carries. The blue jeans are going perfectly with the top.
But this is all standard.
What you like most is her eyes.
They have depth.
Eyes without depth don’t make the heads turn.
They can strike a conversation.
If eyes don’t talk, they are nothing more than a pair of spherical lenses.
But her eyes, they do talk.
You keep looking at her. It is not ogling but pure admiration for God’s stupendous work that you have in your eyes.
Slowly she lifts her face. She looks at you.
Both the pairs of eyes match with each other. They look into each other.
Both of you put on a tiny bit of smile on your faces.
The conversation begins.
Her eyes seem to be saying – “So you are interested? Well who isn’t? But as you can see, I am a prized catch”
Your eyes say – “Well, I know a thing or two about catching. Let’s see”
Your mind starts working fast. You have done it in the past. So you keep going back to the old tricks – stand behind her in the queue and try to strike a conversation or follow her, try a funny looking shirt, ask her how does it look and make it all look like an accident or tricks like that. Well they have worked in the past, haven’t they?
It all begins to happen in your mind.
Suddenly your mind is forced to wake up. Suddenly you feel as if your right hand is 15kg heavier. Suddenly you feel that something is pulling it down.
You look down.
It is your son – asking you to take him to the “toys” section.
You looked a bit caught up in the situation, a bit surprised, a bit embarrassed.
She looks at your son. Your son looks at her.
Both of them smile at each other – the ear to ear grin.
Now their eyes start conversing.
Your son’s eyes seem to be saying to her – “Sorry but he refuses to accept his age”
Her eyes look like telling your son – “It’s okay. I know these kinds. Age shows its grey on their head first. It enters the head a few years later, if at all it does.”
By now, you have surrendered. You look at your son. Your eyes tell him “You know I have been a player in my days. I would have conquered here”
Your son’s eyes tell you “I know dad. But that qualifies as past. Wait for a few years, I will show you how to conquer the world. Now get me my Hot Wheels”
Eyes stop conversing. Now they are lost in their own worlds.
One pair of eyes is lost in the past whereas another is looking into the future.
The pair of eyes which started it all, they try to immerse itself in the present.
 PS: In case you are wondering, this is a work of fiction.


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