Monday, April 29, 2013

Razzmatazz at halfway stage!!!

We are almost there. In less than a month, Veera will be breathing easy on Star as it won’t have to compete with Tracer Bullet’s clichés. Pankhudi will be free to tell us all about Pyar ka Dard hai, meetha meetha pyara pyara.
IPL6, just past halfway stage, will finally come to an end. However, it is time to look back and see how the teams have performed.

PW – One player PW has been badly missing this season is Sourav Ganguly. If he was there, PW would have found it easy to name the reason behind pathetic performance. Alas, they don’t have him. I have a hunch that in PW’s matches, it won’t be the winner that gamblers would be betting on. It is given that PW would lose. They would be betting on who is going to walk out to toss the coin for PW. Surprisingly, they haven’t changed their captain for last few matches. Coming back to cricket, Finch has provided some hope just to be killed by the bowling line up which includes the man who can jump to the moon – Dinda. Yuvraj has made a few guest appearances. B Kumar has bowled brilliantly. But it ends at that. I am not sure if there is even a remote possibility for PW to make it to top four which makes them a really dangerous side – for other sides. PW is in a perfect position to play the role of a party spoiler.
DD – In one of the past few seasons, there was a joke floating around – “Hope GMR has done better job in building Delhi airport than building the team”. Having seen Delhi airport a few times, I am sure GMR did a better work in building them. On paper, they don’t look a bad side. They have an ex SL captain in Mahela, could be Australian captain in Warner and could have been an Indian captain in Sehwag. They have India’s best pacer and SA’s second best pacer. Problem is that DD doesn’t have anything in between these two sets. They don’t have a middle order. Juneja doesn’t look to be ready for this version of cricket; Unmukt Chand doesn’t look to be ready for cricket which has a flavor of international cricket at senior level. Maybe DD still have an outside chance of making it to top four but I would rate my chances of getting a 20% salary hike more than that.
KKR - KKR is fast going back to good old KKR days – of the first four seasons. Good to see GG has given up his habit of guiding the ball to slips but sad to see that he has picked of a new habit of getting bowled regularly. These days, everyone tries to become God. If KKR struggled in first four seasons, it was because of too much arsenal imported from outside India. They didn’t believe much in homegrown talent. Things changed a bit after first three seasons with acquisition of GG, Yusuf Pathan, Bhatia etc. Alas, it is back to square one this time. Sunil Narine is still taking wickets but he doesn’t often get enough runs to defend. Balaji is fast getting to the levels of Narine – in terms of bowling speed. Kallis is not in match winning form. Morgan is often left a bit too much to do. Yusuf Pathan is proving to be a bigger bubble than credit crisis. KKR is in trouble and I know why. I am yet to see their savior this season – Chunky Pandey in the crowd with his round and blue shades. KKR needs him and needs him badly.
KXIP – The fact that KXIP are still in with a chance would have surprised even them. Gilly has been batting like Dinesh Mongia. Piyush Chawla’s assets have become more prominent than Preity Zinta’s, the dimples I mean. Awana has shown that he is a better dancer than a bowler – a trait leading him to the path laid by ex-KXIP legend, Sreesanth. Apart from three M’s, Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra and Miller, others haven’t done much. But they have done enough to win 50% of their matches. No matter how bad Gilly’s form has been, his greatness is bound to make him play an unbelievable innings in at least one match. I am afraid that innings will either clear the way for KXIP into the next round or end the road for some other team.
SRH – SRH have played quite like Pakistan. Their bowling has almost always been explosive. Their batting has almost always been imploding. To add to it, they have Parthiv Patel in their wings – closest human to Kamran Akmal when it comes to wicket keeping. Watching Dale Steyn bowl has been a pleasure. Playing Amit Mishra has been a pain. Captaincy by White has sometimes been pathetic. Yet, SRH have done well to stick to their motto – neither will we score more than 130 nor we will let you score more than 130. With comeback of Shikhar Dhawan, they can expect some strength in their batting. As long as they don’t play in Chennai, Perera’s all-round abilities are going to be more than handy. Amit Mishra has proved that it is not just the ball or his bulging tummy; he can also contribute with the bat. Only if they could get Sanga back in the side, SRH would be safer. One name I would like to mention is of Ashish Reddy. While he has done okay till now, I think he is the wrong Reddy in SRH camp. If you have read any of my pieces on IPL 6 earlier, you would know which Reddy I am talking about.
MI – If MI is in top four it is not because but in spite of Sachin and Ponting opening for them in the first few matches. Good that Ponting decided to sit out. For Sachin, either he hasn’t lasted long or he has taken too long if he has. MI’s batting has been all about Dinesh KArthik, their fielding has been all about Pollard and their bowling has been a lot about Johnson. It is admirable that MI have done so well although their trump card, Malinga, hasn’t been in the best of forms. Or considering the ease with which lot of Indian batsmen play him, he is no longer a trump card. Whenever Rohit Sharma has walked out to bat, he has played at least one shot which made us drop or jaws and say, “Why the hell he is not a permanent fixture in Indian team”. In the same innings, Rohit Sharma has shown us exactly why he is not a permanent fixture in the side. Please keep a margin of 10% in my theory about his batting. BTW, that’s the success rate he enjoys as well. Ideally, MI should make it to top four but one can never be confident about it. In the past, MI has found new ways of messing it all up.
RR – RR is my favorite team because of Dravid. It is ironic that bottom two teams in top four have lost a match each to bottom two teams in the tournament. Till now, RR has done really well from the pool of not so well-known players – Chandila, Yagnik, Faulkner etc. Dravid, Rahane and Hodge have done decently. RR is lucky that they seem to be done with their well-known players – Tait and Sreesanth. But biggest asset for RR has been return of the Jedi – Shane Watson. Sometimes it takes years for a person to find out what is stopping him to be at his best. Shane Watson did it in one night. He stepped down as Australia’s vice-captain and next day, he was bowling. His batting also improved. Let’s see how long it takes in him stepping down as an Australian cricketer and become a freelancer ala Gayle. But somehow I feel that RR lacks something important to make it to the next round – they need the killer punch. I am afraid that it will be SRH to deliver it to them in the race to final four.
RCB – Chris Gayle, Chris Gayle and Chris Gayle – that’s what has been the story of RCB. Okay, even Kohli and AB have batted really well but it is Gayle who has been the deciding factor more often than not. Surprisingly, RCB’s bowlers have done better than expected. Vinay Kumar has been close to purple cap all along and RP Singh has made amends for that notorious no ball on more than one occasion.
Virat Kohli has given plenty of proofs why he should be kept away from captaining India for a long time. I find it ironic that India’s most aggressive (or abusive) player keeps demanding respect from the crowd. Maybe someone must tell him that if he is looking for admiration, his batting is getting him plenty of it. If he is looking for respect, his behavior must change. Anyways, RCB is sure to remain in top four. Whether they get past that stage will depend on how their big three bat on particular days. If they happen to meet CSK in one of those days, their chances of getting past that stage will be slimmer.
CSK – This season, CSK has played quite unlike CSK. They are looking certainty for top four at this point is a proof of that. Normally, they limp their way to top four as the season ends. Well, that’s the only area where they haven’t been like CSK. Otherwise it has been like last five seasons – whenever it has come down to punching their opponents, CSK has come out winning. Michael Hussey has ensured that the pitch at which calls will be made for his comeback in ashes will be really high. MSD has shown that he has yet not lost the touch of being one of the best finishers. SIR has proved that he can win matches on his own. Saha may keep out Vijay for rest of the season. Raina is yet to hit the top form. Badri is yet to get enough opportunities. CSK has been the best fielding side in the entire tournament. While CSK’s yellow dress and attitude have made them look like Australia of old, their death bowling has made them look like India of forever. While people have complained about each and every CSK match being too close for comfort, I have found them predictable especially if CSK has been chasing. No matter how many they have needed to win, the equation in the last five over has been 50+ to score in five overs. Other 35 overs in the match have looked like a waste of time. In IPL5, CSK considered Bisla as out of syllabus and that out of syllabus question was the reason for them to fail in the final exam. Unless CSK keeps on ignoring this phenomenon, they sound like the strongest contender to win the title.
That’s it ladies and gentlemen. Next few days or so will give us one more IPL champion. But in the dictionary of Tracer Bullet, cricket will be the ultimate winner. 

(Picture courtesy: Indian Express)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


After more than six years and messing up with two digital cameras, I finally managed to get hold on to my first SLR. I bought it through one of my friend. He got a good deal in thanksgiving. Along with the camera and the kit lens, I managed to hold one to a zoom lens at almost one tenth of its market price.
“The first thing he will ask after getting the lens is what to do with it” told my brother in law to my sister once he heard about the deal I had struck. He is a professional in the field of photography.
This actually happened. Once I got the lens, I didn’t know what to with it and wanted to sell it. Thankfully I decided to try it once before selling and changed my mind.
After getting the camera, what started next was painful process of trying different modes. This task would have been easier if I had taken help of user manual. But my gigantic ego stopped me from doing it
“I don’t read. I write” is what I told myself.
Start was made in auto mode. While photographs looked good when taken in auto mode, I was more interested in trying the manual mode. What’s the point of buying an SLR anyways if you are going to use it in auto mode?
“Shutter speed, aperture and ISO – photography is all about these three” is what an expert told me.
It sounded simple. To get a good picture, all one needs to get the best combination of these three.
For a particular time, these three should form a unique combination. That unique combination will let specific quantity of light enter the camera. It is simple mathematics is what I thought. It is all about how much light you capture. Whenever I write a book on photography, it will name it “It is all about light” I had not stopped thinking.
But soon I came to the golden realization - thinking is often a waste of time. So I decided to concentrate on clicking. Soon I realized that for starters, photography can be quite like playing carom. While making a strike, you need to be at your calmest best, hold still, look at the target, gauge all the angles and choose the best one, do a mental calculation about the path that striker will take and hit it when you are 100% ready and sure to do so - a bit here and there will mean not hitting the target at the best possible angle. Same applies to photography and focusing. You need to focus it to the T else slippage can be catastrophic. Imagine clicking portrait of a female colleague and missing the focus vertically by a foot or so – either ways.
I experienced the downside of missing the focus right at the start. While trying to click a few birds at the roof, I missed the focus and they came in the background of the picture. What came in the focus were Tata Sky antennas and the bodily discharge of the birds splattered all across the antennas. Let the writer in me bail out the photographer in me is what I thought, named the pic as Tata’s Sky and those who use it and posted it on a public forum at work. Next day I got a mail from a female colleague lecturing me not to make that respected forum a joke by putting such substandard pic on it. Well, the pic was really pathetic.
Anyways, it didn’t deter me. I am quite used to getting scolded by the other side of gender divide. To the females, if any, reading this – no point trying this stunt with me. I am used to of it.
“Post processing is dishonesty with the photography” is what I told an expert who asked me to learn photoshop. Alas, I was soon back to one of my many habits – eating my own words. Editing pictures in photoshop does make them look lot better but it is a painful process – less for you and more for your laptop. If not for suggestion by the guy in computer repair shop to use cooling pad, my laptop would have died by now.
I would like to give on suggestion, though. If you want to avoid your better half’s wrath, don’t pick up photography. It does consume lot of your time and this is something no wife can cope up with – someone other than her eating up your time. Being an ardent cricket, which I am, will double the trouble for you.
“As if cricket was not enough, you have brought in this new nuisance to the house. I wonder why you married me” is what you will often get to hear. And you will wonder how both of you are you wondering about the same thing – why you married her.
Another thing I have noticed is that once you have learned to handle the camera, a bigger challenge awaits you. The challenge is to find the subjects. Some choose portraits. Some choose birds. Some choose wild life.
I chose my two sons. It has been difficult. Forget the posing; my first task is to save my camera from them. My younger son broke my last camera and I don’t want my SLR to meet the same fate. With kids, the shutter speed needs to be high, focusing needs to be quick and there has to be good amount of light. You hardly get time to change the settings. It is difficult.
One day I would like to do wild life photography but I am not sure if it will be more difficult than clicking the kids. At least you don’t need to beg in front a tiger to smile. If you spot a tiger, you click. If a tiger spots you, you run. It is simple.
I gave the same logic to an expert and he told me that wild life photography is more difficult. But that will have to wait. I will do it one day if two things remain alive – yours truly and yours truly’s interest in photography. For the time being, it will be kids, toy cars, sunrise, sunset and a bit of this and that.
Anyhow, the fever is catching up. I am also realizing the shortcomings of ecommerce. Expansive lenses are just a click away and you do want to own all of them. Unfortunately, salary comes once in a month and that’s not enough to make you save to buy even a lens cap. To get deeper in the world of photography without starving at the hands of ecommerce, you would need humongous amount of self-control.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Knighthood Quagmire!!!

James was sitting in the guest room of Buckingham palace. During all his life as world’s most famous secret agent and being a loyal employee to MI6, this was the first time he was visiting the palace. Situation was quite strange for him. All these years when he was an employee to MI6, he was never invited to the palace. And now when he had quit MI6 , he was sitting there, in the palace, as an official invitee to her highness.
The palace was grand.
Soon her highness, the Queen, appeared. James stood up, held her hand, kissed it and greeted “Her highness, my name is Bond. James Bond”
“Oh the universe knows it. Better get it tattooed on your forehead” said the Queen with an emotionless face. James was taken aback.
“Oh that’s hilarious. Her highness, I must say. Your sense of humor is just immaculate” said Queen’s sidekick.
James smiled and laughed slowly. All his life, he had been world’s best and most famous secret agent. Asking it to get tattooed on his forehead was an insult and James had taken an offence. But as they say, when people in power take a dump – it isn’t called shitting but taking time out to provide natural fertilizer to the world for greater good, James had to smile and laugh at the Queen’s joke.
The Queen hinted her sidekick to move out of the room and off he went.
Queen sat down and asked James to sit.
James asked politely, “Her highness. Kindly allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to the palace. Seriously, this is the biggest day of my life”
“Oh cut out the flattery, Mr. Bond. Let’s come straight to the point” said Queen.
 “As you please her highness. May I know the reason?”
“I’ve heard that MI6 has fired you, Mr. Bond?”
“I beg to differ, her highness. They didn’t fire me. It was yours truly who resigned.”
“Whatever it is, you are out of job right now. And I have something to offer Mr. Bond” said the Queen.
“I am all ears”
“It’s the knighthood” said Queen and took a pause.
James might have been paid handsomely by MI6 in cash and he might have earned bigger rewards in kind during his tenure, but if there was one thing he always longed for, it was respect. He always wondered, even after being the most courageous servant to the British Empire in last century, he was never rewarded with the biggest honor of all – the knighthood. This was one grudge he had against his own motherland – why couldn’t it recognize his service and reward it accordingly. Why James had to live the anonymous life of world’s most famous secret agent. Why he wasn’t known as Sir James Bond. Why?
The Queen came out of her pause and restarted, “The Knighthood has been stolen Mr. Bond”
From a height of 30,000 feet, James came crashing down to the ground.
There you go. It is not happening. These thankless souls will never recognize my contribution towards the country. But what the hell is this? Knighthood has been stolen? Last I knew, it used to be a title aimed at distributing to those who kept the Royals happy. That’s been stolen? What? Ten thousand thoughts came to James’ mind in a split second.
“Her highness, have I heard it right? Knighthood has been stolen? Isn’t it a title – an intangible? How can someone steal it?”
“I know it sounds a bit weird Mr. Bond.” said Queen”Please allow me to explain. As you know, the Royal family awards knighthood to those who do exemplary service to the empire. Those who awarded with Knighthood are called as Sir”
James nodded. Queen continued “But what I have been told recently that the entire universe has started to refer someone as Sir. But I don’t remember awarding knighthood to anyone off late. That’s why I say, knighthood has been stolen. Someone has been using it without our consent, my consent. I want you to find out all those who are behind this theft and undo all the harm caused to the deemed title of Sir”
James had yet not come in terms with what had just been told. He politely asked the Queen “Her highness, may I ask who is that someone?”
“Some curly haired cricketer in India”
“Oh, the little master? Her highness, he is a fantastic cricketer. He is awesome. He had become a great batsman even before I could solve the Golden Eye case. In my humble opinion, knighthood will be richer to have him in its honor roll”
“Mr. Bond. You are not here to opine. You are here to solve a case. If it was him, I wouldn’t have needed you. He is part of the government there and I would have solved this case diplomatically. It is some other curly haired cricketer. I need you to find out who he is, how and when he was knighted, make sure that nobody calls him sir from now on.”
“Okay her highness. Now if you don’t mind, can we discuss the remuneration part” said James.
“Mr. Bond. Don’t you understand? You will be working for the empire. Everything will be taken care of. Now off you go” said Queen and walked out of the room.
James stood there for a few seconds. He had busted multiple heists, killed world’s most dangerous terrorists, saved the world from nuclear attacks but this was something he had never done. How the hell he was supposed to solve the case of a title being stolen? But he was out of job and the world was in such a big recession that companies were rumored to have been replacing toilet papers with the resumes of applicants. James had to take whatever job came his way.
He came back to his room, picked up his digital diary and started scrolling down. He had a few assets in India and decided to make them the starting point. He decided to call up his most reliable informer – codenamed Agent 300. Agent 300 had helped James in multiple cases and was James’ most trusted ally in India.  
James dialed the number. “Hello. This is agent 007. Am I talking to agent 300?”
“Hey James, PuPoo here. How are you?” said 300 in reply.
 “What the hell dude? Why are you calling me by my name? Have you forgotten the protocols?” wondered James.
“Oh chuck it. The world knows that you have been fired” laughed agent 300.
“Dude, I resigned. How the hell everyone knows about it? I am sure M has been spreading the rumor that I was fired. That’s why everyone knows it. BTW, what the hell is PuPoo? As far as I remember, it wasn’t your real name” said James in a surprised tone.
“Well, it is all my devotion for Sir. He owns a horse and has named it as PuP. Hence I have renamed myself as PuPoo. So what if I am not as lucky as his horse, I can hope that one day my name will reach Sir and he will bless me with his grace”
“Sir? Dude, you rock. You already seem to know about the case I am working on. I have a job for you”
“That’s hilarious. Someone who doesn’t have a job for himself is offering me a job” laughed Agent 300.
“Shut up dude. I am working for Royals now?”
“Oh that’s fantastic. Which of the two Royals you are working for? Is it Rajasthan Royals or Royal Challengers Bangalore?”
“I am working for the Queen” said James.
“Oh that reminds me, I have a job for you” said Agent 300.
This almost brought tears in James’ eyes. Agent 300 used to be a smalltime informer who was virtually a parasite for James to make a living, was offering a Job to James. How times change? It is what James thought.
“Before you refuse saying you have been paid a fortune by your current employer, let me tell you that I will pay double of what you may be getting. BTW, you are working for the Queen. You may not get anything. I know all about recession in Europe”
“Okay, go on. Let me hear it” said James.
 “You would know about knighthood – something if awarded to someone, that someone is called Sir” said Agent 300.
What the hell is going on? Is he working on the same case? If yes, why the hell Queen hired me? It has to be a no. When we started talking, he referred someone as Sir. Who was he referring to? What the hell is going on? James had his head in a spin.
“So the knighthood has been stolen and you want to find out who did it. Basically you want to subcontract this work. But dude, let me tell you that the Queen herself hired me for this job. So it will be the case of thanks but no thanks from me for this” said James.
“No James. It is not the case. Maybe you don’t follow cricket but let me tell you. The god has come to this planet in form of his new avatar. He has reincarnated in form of Sir Jadeja. Sir is the new God. Sir is the savior. Sir is everything” said Agent 300 “Sir is the symbol of ultimate respect. But what you English have done has devalued the meaning of word Sir. You have made this honor too human. Look around you James – every second person is Sir in England”
“So what do you want me to do?” asked James.
“I want you to strike a deal with the Queen. We, the devotees of Sir, want to buy all the exclusive rights of this word – Sir. Once the deal is struck, this will only be used for Sir Jadeja. Once we have the rights, the title of Sir will be withdrawn from all those who were Knighted in the past.  As I said, there should be and there will be only one Sir in this universe. Hail Sir”
“Are you on drugs? Do you even know what you are talking?” James was about to fall flat on the ground. He just couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Yes. I am asking you to broker a deal between us, the devotees of Sir, and the Queen – we want to buy all the rights to use the world Sir. BTW, it is SIR – all three letters are in capital”
“Dude, even if I believe you and explain the deal to the Queen, do you think she will buy it?”
“In that case, we will have to take a harsher step” said Agent 300.
“What will be that? Attack us?” said James in a sarcastic tone.
“Nope. We will simply request SIR to cancel Queen’s monarchy. Once that happens, we shall file the patent to use the world SIR” said Agent 300.
The call was disconnected. This was a weird development and James decided to update the queen about it. He got next day’s appointment to meet her.  
It took immense courage for James to explain it to the Queen - whatever happened between him and Agent 300.
If James was thinking he has had a weird day, Queen’s response made it even weirder.
“I have decided to drop the case Mr. Bond. You can pick up the cheque for your dues from the finance department. The case is closed”
“Her highness?” exclaimed James.
“I happened to watch last night’s match Mr. Bond. Guys in yellow Tee were playing against some team. I saw SIR in that – clad in yellow tee, the aura, the halo. It was all there and made me believe that he is SIR, the real SIR. I have realized my mistake and I am a devotee now. I would suggest you to become his devotee too, Mr. Bond” said Queen and off she went.
James stood there and watched her go.   
PS: This is a work of fiction. Resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Razmataz - The Second Week!!!

We are in that stage of the tournament where if I ask you about both the matches played last night, you would take a pause before answering. Well, we are still far away from the stage when you will not be able to answer the question. However, for now let’s talk about the week that’s just gone past.
To all those who have complained about poor catching in previous IPLs, have spread around the conspiracy theories of match fixing greasing cricketer’s palms hence the poor catching, doubted Ashish Nehra’s abilities as a world class fielder, this tournament has provided a mouth-shutting answer and a mouthwatering exhibition of fantastic catching.
The one I liked most was Ponting’s. More than the catch, I liked the celebration. Ponting’s smile which we all hated, posing with arms wide spread, and the typical tongue in cheek face as if he was saying “Mate, what’s all the fuss about me being 40?”.
RR seems to have unearthed a bowler belonging to the rarest of rare breed in India – someone who can bowl at 140kph+ on a consistent basis. I hope Rahul Shukla has a better future than Kamran Khan.
One look at the way Dravid is batting may make anyone say “Oh God, the wall is still so good”
MI’s opening continues to be perplexing. But for the last match, early dismissal of their openers has worked better in their favor as compared to opener lasting for more than five overs. Dinesh Karthik has again proved that success is not just about your timing, sometimes your parent’s timing also matters. Had his year of birth been different by a few years, he would have been certainty in Indian side. Maybe positioning himself as a specialist batsman will help. On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has again sent a strong message to selector. Message is that he doesn’t like Maggi in the months of April, May, and June.
RCB continues to prove that they are a one man army. That one man, Virat Kohli, single handedly took on the entire team of KKR. But for Rajat Bhatia, Shikhar Dhawan might well have lost a competitor in the race to open for India. Oh yes, AB and Virat have batted brilliantly and people seems to have find ways to get Gayle out cheaply. But it looks like RCB needs to find out ways to deal with RP Singh.
SH seems to be hell-bent on sticking to their “Save the bowlers” campaign. They try their best to stop the opposition from scoring more than 130 in 20 overs. Just in case they fail, they prove that charity begins at home – SH hardly crosses 125. I know what they are missing. They are missing the support of a word starting from letter G. They are missing Gayathri Reddy.
KXIP are letting their supporters know how a typical Bangladeshi fan feels. KXIP is a perfect example of how a country which doesn’t have a good mix of people in different age group may suffer. You need exuberance of youth, you need experience of old but what you also need is people entering mid-life crisis i.e. people of my age. They either have Gilly (41), Hussey (36), Azhar Mahmood (37) or they have Mandeeps and Vohras who are below 25. The stability of age group 25 - 32 is missing. Well, they have someone in this age group. His name is Piyush Chawla.
Irfan Pathan has said “Once we start playing proper cricket, we'll be a side to beat.” I think all DD needs to do is to include senior SIR in their playing XI – SIR Ajit. With a bowling line up including Senior SIR, Irfan Pathan, and Ashish Nehra, batsmen from other teams will kill each other to play against DD. With no batsmen left in other sides, it will be a cakewalk for DD to win the tournament. I just hope, being DD, DD players don’t walk over each other.
PW is the name of a team participating in this tournament. PW stands for Pune Warriors.
I think KKR is back to KKR of old. They have won just two matches in this tournament so far – against DD who, as per their own cricketers, don’t play proper cricket and SH who don’t have Gayathri Reddy on their side. SRK must be a worried man and summon Chunky Pandey with his round and blue shades.
That brings us to the last team - CSK. I think most of us are missing something very important – MSD is fast losing his ability of finishing off matches. I think it is high time – someone must tell him that some jobs are better left to the God. Or maybe MSD is just becoming too complacent because he has someone on his side – he has SIR. After SIR scored 2 runs of 0 balls last night, he must have been angry. During the post-match presentation, I did see a bit of sadness on SIR’s face. I think he was sad because he didn’t get a chance to free his arms on the free hit following the no ball.
Now when you all have seen charisma of SIR, I have started to believe that SIR did score a triple ton in his debut innings. Maybe he scored it in 4th or 5th dimension and being humans, we couldn’t see that. Anyways, let’s wait and watch – SIR will surely have an unthinkable up his sleeve to leave us all agape.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Razzmatazz thus far – Week 1!!!

In five days, 7 matches have been played in IPL till now. That’s 6.6% progress in terms of time and nearly approximately 9.2% progress in terms of matches. As time progresses, these numbers will increase but the rate of increase will start seeming slower and slower.
What I’ve liked most about IPL 6 is its ads. Right from the first season, quality of IPL ads has been good. Who can forget the iconic saying in first season’s Mano-Ranjan ad – Kab tak chupegi kali patton ki aad mein, kabhi na kabhi to aayegi bhindi baazar mein. (How long the bud will hide behind the leaves, sometime or the other it will come in the market of ladies finger)
This IPL’s Holi ad is quite creative and very well shot. But what I liked most about this time’s ads is that they are quite Sunny. I hope you know what I mean.
Good to see low scoring matches. I am not sure if it is the pitches, the brilliant bowling or poor batting but low scoring thrillers are always better than run feasts which end up murdering one essential part of the game – bowling. Fielding has been good too – some of the catches have been exceptional. If you are worried that these flying catches are because of earth’s gravitational force getting reduced due to global warming, Ishant Sharma dropping a sitter last night proved that your worries are as useless as Pune Warrior India’s performance.
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH) has been the surprise of the week. They have a good bowling attack – Steyn is being just Steyn, Ishant Sharma has shed away a bit of his bad luck, Amit Mishra has been nearly unplayable, Perera has done well, Ashish Reddy is their Rajat Bhatia. Problem is their batting – only one world class batsman in Sanga.
RCB have been typical RCB. They rely too much on Gayle. Still, their batting line up is good – Gayle, Dilshan, Kohli, and AB (yet to come). Problem is bowling – only Murali looks good.
That’s why RCB- SH match was fun to watch. It will be funnier if they play in Chennai – without Lankans, teams will be playing without their best assets and with their worst liabilities.
CSK started like a typical CSK – by losing. They will not wake up unless they reach a stage where one more second of sleep would mean death in the tournament. From then on, CSK will have a hero in every match. BTW, I was surprised to see that MSD couldn’t finish the match against MI. This is one bad habit he seems to be picking up off late – not being able to finish off matches. I wish someone tells him – some jobs are better left to God.
MI was waiting for Pollard and he arrived in the match against CSK. Not they are waiting for Mallinga to start playing. Every time HE plays a good shot, fans say – “See he still has got lot of cricket left in him.” Every time HE gets out; naysayers say “He should retire.” Now it is up to you – you want to refer Rohit Sharma by that HE or Sachin.
RR fulfilled the reason for me supporting them. Dravid was class apart against DD. I am sure that in search of words, Oxford would have travelled ahead in time, seen Dravid bat and invented the word – elegance. I just hope that Oxford didn’t see Nehra’s fielding.
I’m afraid that DD may well have the worst IPL ever this time. They are waiting for Morkel who will boost their bowling. But waiting for Sehwag to boost their batting may not be such an encouraging sign. I wish they decide to play Ajit Agarkar at some point of time – for the sake of nostalgia and sheer entertainment value he provides.
KKR looks to be the team to beat especially because of good top order in Gambhir, Kallis, and Manoj Tiwary. Sakib is good. Yusuf Pathan will score at least in one match. Lee can still bowl at some pace – ask Unmukt Chand. Rajat Bhatia is a very good slow ball bowler whereas Narine’s spin and Balaji’s smile can kill any batting lineup. KKR also has the most loyal cheerleader – Chunky Pandey with round and blue shades, although he is yet to be seen this time.
Let the week 2 begin.