Razmataz - The Second Week!!!

We are in that stage of the tournament where if I ask you about both the matches played last night, you would take a pause before answering. Well, we are still far away from the stage when you will not be able to answer the question. However, for now let’s talk about the week that’s just gone past.
To all those who have complained about poor catching in previous IPLs, have spread around the conspiracy theories of match fixing greasing cricketer’s palms hence the poor catching, doubted Ashish Nehra’s abilities as a world class fielder, this tournament has provided a mouth-shutting answer and a mouthwatering exhibition of fantastic catching.
The one I liked most was Ponting’s. More than the catch, I liked the celebration. Ponting’s smile which we all hated, posing with arms wide spread, and the typical tongue in cheek face as if he was saying “Mate, what’s all the fuss about me being 40?”.
RR seems to have unearthed a bowler belonging to the rarest of rare breed in India – someone who can bowl at 140kph+ on a consistent basis. I hope Rahul Shukla has a better future than Kamran Khan.
One look at the way Dravid is batting may make anyone say “Oh God, the wall is still so good”
MI’s opening continues to be perplexing. But for the last match, early dismissal of their openers has worked better in their favor as compared to opener lasting for more than five overs. Dinesh Karthik has again proved that success is not just about your timing, sometimes your parent’s timing also matters. Had his year of birth been different by a few years, he would have been certainty in Indian side. Maybe positioning himself as a specialist batsman will help. On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has again sent a strong message to selector. Message is that he doesn’t like Maggi in the months of April, May, and June.
RCB continues to prove that they are a one man army. That one man, Virat Kohli, single handedly took on the entire team of KKR. But for Rajat Bhatia, Shikhar Dhawan might well have lost a competitor in the race to open for India. Oh yes, AB and Virat have batted brilliantly and people seems to have find ways to get Gayle out cheaply. But it looks like RCB needs to find out ways to deal with RP Singh.
SH seems to be hell-bent on sticking to their “Save the bowlers” campaign. They try their best to stop the opposition from scoring more than 130 in 20 overs. Just in case they fail, they prove that charity begins at home – SH hardly crosses 125. I know what they are missing. They are missing the support of a word starting from letter G. They are missing Gayathri Reddy.
KXIP are letting their supporters know how a typical Bangladeshi fan feels. KXIP is a perfect example of how a country which doesn’t have a good mix of people in different age group may suffer. You need exuberance of youth, you need experience of old but what you also need is people entering mid-life crisis i.e. people of my age. They either have Gilly (41), Hussey (36), Azhar Mahmood (37) or they have Mandeeps and Vohras who are below 25. The stability of age group 25 - 32 is missing. Well, they have someone in this age group. His name is Piyush Chawla.
Irfan Pathan has said “Once we start playing proper cricket, we'll be a side to beat.” I think all DD needs to do is to include senior SIR in their playing XI – SIR Ajit. With a bowling line up including Senior SIR, Irfan Pathan, and Ashish Nehra, batsmen from other teams will kill each other to play against DD. With no batsmen left in other sides, it will be a cakewalk for DD to win the tournament. I just hope, being DD, DD players don’t walk over each other.
PW is the name of a team participating in this tournament. PW stands for Pune Warriors.
I think KKR is back to KKR of old. They have won just two matches in this tournament so far – against DD who, as per their own cricketers, don’t play proper cricket and SH who don’t have Gayathri Reddy on their side. SRK must be a worried man and summon Chunky Pandey with his round and blue shades.
That brings us to the last team - CSK. I think most of us are missing something very important – MSD is fast losing his ability of finishing off matches. I think it is high time – someone must tell him that some jobs are better left to the God. Or maybe MSD is just becoming too complacent because he has someone on his side – he has SIR. After SIR scored 2 runs of 0 balls last night, he must have been angry. During the post-match presentation, I did see a bit of sadness on SIR’s face. I think he was sad because he didn’t get a chance to free his arms on the free hit following the no ball.
Now when you all have seen charisma of SIR, I have started to believe that SIR did score a triple ton in his debut innings. Maybe he scored it in 4th or 5th dimension and being humans, we couldn’t see that. Anyways, let’s wait and watch – SIR will surely have an unthinkable up his sleeve to leave us all agape.


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