The Pact!!!

Part two of "Her, Him and the Valentine's Day!!!" -

“I am so sorry. It will not take more than five minutes” is what he heard. Earlier in the day he had heard “I need to go to that spa and should be done by 5. You can pick me up from there”.
He had come to meet his ex. They were meeting after six years. In the beginning of this six-year period, they were in regular touch but it thinned out as the time passed by. Last few years were just a-mail-once-in-a-month kind. So when she, the ex, sent a message about her coming to his city, he was looking forward to meet her.
While he had been married for five years and had a kid as a result of hard work post marriage, she had given preference to professional life over personal and was yet to tie the knot.
So there he was, to meet the woman he once dated six years back. Considering he was married, meeting an ex could have been risky. Yet he took the risk for the reasons not known to even him. It was one of those instinctive decisions which aren’t taken after detailed analysis of pros and cons.
So he reached the venue and entered the spa, for the first time in his life. He could spot her inside the main room getting her hair treated. While he was allowed to go inside the room, he preferred to be seated in the waiting area. The waiting area had nice couches and he threw himself on one of them. He rested there waiting.
His ex was going by WST – women’s standard time. The so-called five minutes were beginning to turn in to an eternity.
He was just waiting. Since he had nothing to do, he started enquiring the ambience. The ambience was nice. Spa owners had put up wallpaper that was pleasing to the eyes, the light was dim enough to create soothing environment, there were some artistic pieces giving the room a near perfect look and the furniture was excellent. It was almost perfect, almost. 
He did not find it perfect because there was something that he found was not perfect. He kept looking at the entire area repeatedly. Finally, it struck him. It was the entrance.
There was just one entrance to the spa – the lift. The lift directly opened in the waiting area. Therefore, if someone had to enter the spa, it had to be from the lift. The moment that someone came out of the lift, the first thing he was going to notice was the waiting area. There was nothing else in there that someone coming out would have noticed there. The second thing to notice would have been the workroom of the sap – where people were taking beauty treatment.
A specific thought made him jump – what if someone familiar entered. What worsened his jump was the thought – what if she, the wife, came out of the lift. Where would he hide in that case? What would he say? What would be his excuse as an answer to the question – “What are you doing here, in this spa?”
What could he have said in reply?
“I just came here to see the wallpapers” for someone who did not even know the existence of wallpapers until last night when he had a tiff, with the wife, about putting decorating their future house?
“Just like that” in a spa?
“I’ve come to get some pedicure” for someone who believe that men visiting the beauty parlors had special preferences?
What could he have said in that spa? He could not think of any other reason to be there than truth. However, truth, if told, would have been fatal. He was stuck.
Then started a period of tension, nervousness and fear caused because of an event, which might become a reality – what if some familiar face emerged out of the lift. What would he say?
What if his wife, emerged out of the lift? Where would he hide?
Since he could not think of an excuse to be there in spa, only thing that was coming to his mind was to say – see, I am not the one you are thinking. I am his doppelganger.
Every time the lift opened, his heart stopped beating. It started beating only after seeing the face of the entrant was of a stranger. With each passing second, it was becoming unbearable. The seconds turned into minutes. The minutes were about to turn into an hour.
They say that if you keep on fearing for something, your fear might just come true.
It did.
The lift door opened and out came his wife’s friend, the best one.
He had never liked her – be it for her manly looks, squeaky voice, and a mouth that was nothing short of being a loudspeaker because of a stomach that just could not digest anything. While his wife and she shared a very cordial relationship, he and the friend just could not stand each other. Even his wife’s friend’s husband found her difficult to tolerate. She was intolerable.
He and wife’s friend shared a relationship that was full of animosity. If anything, he would have preferred his wife catching him red handed in place of her friend. Former would have resulted in murder at point-blank. Latter meant inhumane torture until death. 
She was standing at the door of the lift and staring at him, simply staring, with an emotionless face.
No matter how much he would have wanted to avoid her, he ended up looking in to her eyes.
His heart sank. His body froze. His mind went blank.
However, he could not have remained that way. He had to do something else the consequences would have been severe. He had to think of damage control, he just had to.
What struck him most was wife’s friend’s body language. He found it strange.
His presence in that spa was definitely fishy – even the dumbest mind would have figured it out in a second. Yet she simply stood there without uttering a single word.
Even if he had tried to avoid her, she would have shouted the loudest greetings ever to ensure his efforts ended in vain. Yet she stood there in silence.
These pieces did not make any sense.
Soon, the why part was answered. A handsome hunk appeared from behind her – looking at her and then him. The hunk looked as embarrassed as he had looked while entering the spa.
Eyes of both the men met. They started a conversation.
What? Dude? You falling for her? Why the hell, his eyes said.
The past dude, the past. We all make mistakes, hunk’s eyes replied.
Nevertheless, why carrying on? Why not letting the mistakes of past die in the past.
I think you know the answer. That is why you are here, hunk’s eyes replied.
Oh yeah, I know. We all hope to dig out the residual benefits, which you could not utilize in the past or you want to relive them.
Happy utilizing and reliving, said hunk’s eyes.
Wish you the same, said he and looked at wife’s friend.
I will not talk if you do not, her eyes were almost pleading.
I will not. Can you control your loudspeaker like mouth? His eyes asked.
I can. I will, her eyes responded.
A secret pact was arrived made. He moved out of the spa with the ex. His wife’s friend moved inside with his.
One pair of nostrils was breathing a sigh of relief. Another pair had started to feel nervous. 

PS: Work of fiction!!! 


Spiff said…
well are getting better at fiction

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