Soap Operas!!!

Oh yes, we are men. We aren’t supposed to watch or follow daily soap operas. We are supposed to detest them and detest we do. We are supposed to be cricket crazy, soccer maniac, political enthusiasts and we are all that.
But to the surprises of women, we are humans too. We are peaceful creatures who don’t like bitter gourd. To maintain peace and avoid bitter gourd, we agree to compromise – it is when Sasural Simar Ka takes precedence over that nail biting tense match between CSK and MI. With regular supply of these soap operas (or serials as we fondly call it) thrust down our throats, we do follow them.
I am no different. I have had my share of soap operas. Never ending or at least most of them have been. I am sure some of them will surely outlive me. Today I am going to talk about some of the soap operas I have followed. Since words have a habit of finding their ways to places you don’t want to, I must add I did NOT follow these soap operas, serials, forcibly just in case these words manage to find their ways to my wife’s ears. I followed them all with smile on my face, hunger in my stomach and hope in my mind – hope the cricket match wouldn’t get over by the time this crap got over.
Ek Hasina Thi – No, this is not a small screen version of Subhash Ghai’s classic Karz or Himesh Bhai’s classified Karzzzz. While Karz was an edge of the seat thrilling piece of work, Karzzz was an in-the-bed soporific work of (f)art. Maybe that’s what so many Zs signified in the end of its name.
But yes, Ek Hasina Thi is about revenge – a bit of Nirbhaya case, a bit of Jessica Lal. It has a bit of Bahaar Aane Tak, a bit of Pyar to Hona Hi Tha. It has a bit of everything.
I must say – star cast is good.
People do all kinds of things to look younger than they are. Vatsal Seth - playing Shourya Goenka, had to age many years, gain weight, tan a few shades and wear strange coloured contact lenses to look old. For some reasons, even the gorgeous Sanjeeda Seikh, playing female protagonist Durga Thakur, has put on contact lenses. Maybe it was a case of buy one get one free. Simone Singh seems to wearing a quilt all the time to ensure she looks bulky enough – after all she is playing mother of a twenty something. I remember Kishwer Merchant as a school girl in Hip Hip Hurray. Seeing her play mother of another grown up makes me feel old. It is only when I see Ayub Khan, I feel a bit younger. New characters keep appearing. Old characters haven’t yet started disappearing.
All in all, a decent watch if you don’t have an option worth fighting for the remote. Till now it has been gripping. Not sure how long it will last – to be gripping. The serial will last forever as we all know.
Pyar Ka Dard Ha Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara (PKDHMMPP) - Nope. That’s not a song. That’s the name of a serial. Problem with such serials is in their names. Assume they start at 8:30 PM. By the time they complete announcing the name of it, its 8:40PM. Since at the end of each episode they’ve to announce – “In the next episode of Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara”, they need to begin announcing at 8:50PM. So there is really not much time to show real content – oh yes, they need to manage a few ad break as well. One cannot really fault the producers if such serials last a lifetime. Blame lies with the idiot who gives them such names. Even the abbreviation of the name sounds like a South Indian political party.
Coming to the story – being a product of Rajshri Production, it had a bit of Vivaah, Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, Hum AApke Hain Kaun, Hum Sath Sath Hain, NAdiya Ke Paar, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon etc. For complete list, please click here.
Story has gone like this so far. Pankhudi and Aditya meet each other because someone in their family thinks they could be a good match. Initially they don’t like each other, then they do, then again they don’t like each other, soon they do – after a few months of chaos, they finally get married. Conspirators keep doing their job. Something happens to Pankhuri – she dies. Or so does everyone but the viewers of the show think. As always, viewers are right. Pankhuri reappears. Is she Pankhuri or result of that night few years ago when her dad got too drunk? Only next few episodes lasting a few months can tell. Or maybe producers will take a secret SMS poll to decide.
Why should you watch it? Well, I cannot think of a reason.
Diya aur Baati Hum- A story of achievers. An educated, wannabe IPS gets married to an illiterate Mithaiwala. First, wife helps husband win some international cooking competition where he wins by cooking Phephle. Then husband helps wife become a commando cum IPS.
While on duty she puts on police dress and gets busy catching international terrorists, political conspirators and local goons. While off duty, she puts on all her jewellery and colourful Saree to work in kitchen. Bollywood legend Rekha played ideal Bahu in Bahurani. She played a perfect police officer’s role in Phool Bane Angarey. In Diya aur Baati Hum, Deepika Singh has played both the roles perfectly in the role of Sandhya Rathi. Such is the perfection in Anas Rashid’s role as her husband that he might well have played the wife and nobody would’ve noticed.
The serial is full of drama, emotions, international issues, morality, Phephle and pictures of sweets – male protagonist owns a sweet shop. The serial is strongly recommended for those who either are diabetic or hovering around the boundary line – you aren’t allowed to eat sweets but watching won’t harm. That’s something you would get to see a plenty here.
Mahabharata – I would love to talk at length about this serial but would rather play safe in these dark times. Religious sentiments are fast becoming like a woman’s feelings - they don’t really need a reason to get hurt.
While there have been many attempts to recreate the magic of Mahabharata on TV, none could beat BR Chopra’s masterpiece.
But this one is different.
Maybe it’s the HD version. Maybe it’s the cinematography. Maybe it’s in the detailing. But this Mahabharata broadcasted on Star has surely exceeded BR Chopra’s Mahabharata in every sense. This one is surely worth watching.
I have no doubt that Mahabharata is the greatest story ever written – books can be and have been written on small parts of the bigger plot. What I have always liked about Mahabharata is that every character has its shades of grey – quite like real life. Every act of good has a selfish motive behind it. Every act of evil has a nearly justifiable reason behind it. Mahabharata doesn’t choose for you – it tells the tale and let you choose. Producers have covered this aspect well.
While Mahabharata has infinite number of characters, I always found three characters most important – Bheeshma (the right on the wrong side), Shakuni (who kept wrong on the wrong side) and Krishna (the one who makes you choose right from wrong). If nothing, watch this serial for these three characters.  Special mention for Praneet Bhatt who has done a wonderful job as Shakuni.
Well, there have been a few more in the list but I would rather end it here. After all, unlike soap operas, I would rather keep readers away from most painful thing to do while reading – wait for it to end.


Pushkar Pradhan said…
Nice read...yes Mahabharat is good...concentrates on discussions and issues missed in the previous BR Chopra Mahabharat. And its not afraid to debate on sensitive issues.
Anonymous said…
Again, u r at ur saracastic best. U need to do somthing so that more and more people can get a chance to know u and ur thoughts.

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