MOM – Movies on Mangalyan!!!

Movies are a reflection of society. Not sure how true is this saying but we can surely find evidences to support it.
US of A is a super power and it believes in it. Not for no reason we see every time aliens decide to attack our planet, they end up attacking US or we see US taking a lead in saving the planet from a Meteoroid which would soon destroy us.
Germans are known for brilliance with minimum of fuss and it is visible in their movies too – minimalist approach producing movies which are quite intense in nature.  
Indians are known to make babies. And that’s what, or almost that’s what, the movies reflect. Most of our movies are about falling in love which is a precursor to the process of making it – result of which are babies off course.
If movie are a reflection of society, we surely don’t value our achievements as much as we should. Tell me in how many wars US has participated alone especially with hostile neighbors. Now tell me how many war movies you remember from that land. Now compare that with our movie making. You will get the drift. How many movies we have on sports, history (sans love story) and things we are proud off. How many movies we have which don’t have love stories as their main story.
However, with Mangalyan being latest feather in our cap, I seriously hope someone picks up this story, makes a movie and let the world know all about it. But who will do it? Which film maker will take a punt and make a movie on the story of Mangalyan?
Here is how it may look like.
Mangal pe Kuch kuch hota hai is liye kabhi alvida na kahna by Karan Johar – Rahul, played by SRK, is an astronaut who frequently makes visits to Jupiter, 10 Janpath and Zurich. Government of India decides to launch Mission Mars and sends Rahul on it. Rahul’s journey to Mars begins via beautiful flower valleys of Switzerland. As he looks out of the window of his spaceship, he spots Anjali, played by Anushka Sharma, – another astronaut travelling in another spaceship. Moment he sees Anjali, he knows he is in love – Anjali’s beautiful eyes, curly hair and gorgeous face make him fall in love with her. Rahul puts his spaceship in auto-mode and joins Anjali in her spaceship.
Anjali, an alien from Venus, is traveling to Mars to meet her childhood love Virat. Rahul’s heart breaks. However, three songs later, Anjali gets confused – she starts falling for Rahul but she cannot get Virat out of her mind and heart. They land on Mars and the melodrama begins – the battle of heart and emotions, the fight between who you love and who loves you, the conundrum of is it love or friendship. Rahul loves Anjali who doesn’t know what to do. Virat is in love with Anderson – another gentleman.
In the end, Rahul wins over Anjali. They all come back home and live happily ever after. Virat and Anderson decide to spend rest of their lives in Mars.
The movie ends with the line – Men make love in Mars, couples come back to earth.
I know it’s a terrible line. So is the story, isn't it?
Shankar ka Insaaf by Kanti Shah - Shankar is a coolie who makes ends meet by working at Sahar Airport in Mumbai. Shankar lives in Ooty with his widow mother “Maa” and young sister Munni. Durjan Singhis a dangerous smuggler. Once Shankar sees Durjan’s illegal stuff getting offloaded on a dock in Ooty, beats the crap out of Durjan’s men and hands them over to police. Animosity is born. To avenge, Durjan sends his brother Mangal to Shankar’s house to teach him a lesson. Mangal rapes Munni, kills her, leaves his red jacket on the crime scene and goes on doing his business. Maa recognizes the jacket – it was worn by the man who killed Shankar’s father. Shankar vows to take revenge - ”Mangal ko Mangal pe lee jaake maroonga”.  Shankar kills everyone in Durjan’s gang, ties Mangal to his bicycle, rides on his way to Mars, kills Mangal there, sings a few songs before that with his ladylove Radha and comes back.
Movie ends.
Mangalyan Returns ­by Sajid Khan – Sajid Khan will make remake of the movie made on Mangalyan. He will wait for someone else to make a movie so that he can make a remake.  
Kyonki Mangal bhi kabhi door tha (KMBKDT) by Ekta Kapoor – Ekta Kapoor’s KMBKDT will be a love story between an astronaut and the rocket – Sunny Leone will play sultry astronaut whereas Tusshar Kapoor will play the rocket – we all know Tusshar Kapoor’s best roles have been when he doesn't talk.
RGV ka Mangalyaan by RGV - RGV will wait for others to make movies on Mangalyan, pick up the best one and make such a horrible remake that people will stop making movies on Mangalyan.  


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