Reviewing MSG: The Messenger

They don’t make them like that anymore. The movies. The likes of movies they made in late 80s and early 90s – things were quite black & white. There were heroes to bash up villains and romance heroines. There were heroines to romance with heroes and bath under waterfalls. There were hero’s sisters for reasons well known. There were comedians. There were villains.
These days, there is no clarity. Everyone is a bit of everything. Unless off course you are Abhishek Bacchan. In that case, you are Amitabh Bacchan’s son. Irrespective of anything.
Hence whenever such a movie which is a reminiscence of movies in that era is about to be released, expectations go up. My expectations.
Because at this age which is called midlife, I am sick of all those grey colored movies where there is no clear cut hero or a villain, where Vidya Balan is said to be hero of her movies and Tiger Shroff plays hero/heroine opposite/ alongside Kriti Sanon.    
I am sick of grey color. The “you may be making half of the money your friends are making but look at the brighter side, you do not have much to do at work as well” or “I know your grey hair make you look older than what you are but at least you still have some left on your head” or “You cannot get everything in life, be happy what you have” phenomena.
I would rather have black & white of youth. I would rather have a hero who is all good and a villain who is all bad. Grey is sickeningly real. Movies should be all about a fantasy world.
Hence when I first watched promos of MSG: The Messenger, I was filled with hope. Finally I was going to get a chance to watch a movie which had the potential to join the ranks of GundaJeene Nahi DoongaDesh DrohiJaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani  and a few more. Promos looked delicious.
Finally, after some protests, the movie was released. Not everyone in this cruel world understands true art. The protesters must have been such people.
MSG is a story of a man crusading against the evils of this world – drugs being the foremost of them. MSG is the story of a man who is torch bearer of humanity. MSG is the story of a man who, in spite of all his powers, remains humble to the ground. What bigger proof that the fact that he adds insaan to his name, just to make people realize that he isn't (no, I am not going to say bear) God but human like all of us.  
MSG, the movie, is an experience itself.
First, a glimpse of how the movie unfolds.
Movie begins with a song introducing star cast. As soon as it ends, there is another song with protagonist Pitaji /GuruJi played by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, at the center of it.
We are informed that our great nation had fallen prey to the evils of drugs. Generations were lost.  Pitaji /GuruJi arrived. His preaching resulted in people giving up on drugs, totally.
My expectations are raised a few notches up.
People are shown pulling a huge chariot tied with the ropes. They cannot pull it – such is the weight and size of it.
Pitaji/Guruji is busy doing Yoga somewhere in Himalayas. He watches his pupils failing in pulling the chariots from there. He jumps from there – jumps from snowy mountains to dusty grounds, pulls the chariot all along, starts the Rathyatra and breaks into another song. I am sure LK Advani would love the movie. The movie, with 3 songs in first 10 minutes, seems to be unfolding as if it should be called “MSG: The Messenger The Musical”.
Pitaji/Guruji. He dresses in sleeveless cloths which look like made off camping tents and roams around in cars which look like convertible Nano. He smilingly acts the messiah.
Till now it has been all white.
Enter the black.
Villain in Sydney hires a profession killer to eradicate Pitaji /GuruJi. For some reasons, as the villain and the professional shooter are about to shake hands, their hands are thrown in different directions as if they were same poles of two different magnets.
A local leader is another villain. The professional killer begins his journey.
And he keeps failing.
If tries to take a sniper shot, he fails. Pitaji /GuruJi spots him in the dark shades of two blind gentlemen who had come to Pitaji /GuruJi to get their blindness treated, snatches rifle of his bodyguard standing next to him, takes aim at the finger of sniper’s shooting finger while looking at those dark shades, shoots, smiles and goes on doing his business of being called Pitaji by hot chicks and calling them beta.    
If the killer tries doing a gas attack on him in a huge gathering, Pitaji /GuruJi asks his followers to say their prayers loud enough to take the poisonous gas away.
Villain realizes why he could not shake hands with the killer - it was a signal that he would not be able to kill Pitaji /GuruJi. 
Villain sends a female suicide bomber to kill Pitaji /GuruJi. Pitaji /GuruJi is always surrounded by three super hot chicks who are no less than a bomb themselves. 
Who would be the suicide bomber? Would she be able to kill him? No. I am not going to kill the suspense. Watch it yourself to find out. 
The cat & mouse just goes on.
Finally ends.
Villain dies. Good prevails. So does Pitaji /GuruJi.
Did the movie meet my expectations? I dare say no. MSG: The Messenger has its moments but it falls short of the standards set by the movies in this genre.
Within ten minutes of the movie it proves that Issac Newton & his laws were the biggest myths of physics forced upon the entire world - all three of them. There is nothing called action-reaction. There is nothing called inertia. Gravity, whoever discovered it, doesn't exist. At least for Pitaji /GuruJi. But majority of good about the movie ends just about there.
Within half an hour of the movie you start wondering if this is a movie or a VLCC ad - Pitaji /GuruJi surely looks like someone looking to lose some weight and someone who hasn't lost an iota of hair, from every part of the body visible on screen.
Songs are good. The rap song, Daru Ko Goli Maro is really catchy. So is Love Charger.
Pitaji /GuruJi has done a good job. He has danced well – not better but almost as well as Sunny Deol.
But what the movie lacks most is something, maybe the only thing in lot of cases, you remember movies for – dialogues. There is not one single punchline dialogue in the movie, leave aside a memorable bunch.
Gunda had its bulla moments.
Desh Drohi had KRK delivering unforgettable collection of words like “Jitni nafrat tumhare dil mein hamare liye hai utna hi pyaar tumhare liye hamare dil mein hai”.
Jaani Dushman had this -
Heroine: Tum log kisi ki izzat nahin kartain?
The baddie: Aree agar sabki izzat karangey to lootaingey Kiski …..ha ha ha
All MSG: The Messenger has is Pitaji /GuruJi dancing, singing, smiling along with his dark long hair – head, beard, mustache, cheeks, armpit, biceps, thighs.
MSG: The Messenger lacks badly in this department, the dialogues. 
Each of such movie predicts a bit about future which is about to unfold.
Gunda was about a coolie who is often found at airports. It was symbolic of India’s middle class dreaming big. That happened in next decade. Prosperity trickled down through modernization to rising disposable income of middle class. Soon, low cost airlines were new AC three tier in trains. Railway platforms were taken over by airports.
Desh Drohi was a symbol of middle class man’s anger against religion/region based politics in the country. AAP happened.
Jaani Dushman dignified the tech boom which was about to happen in coming years. Don’t take their copying of scenes of Terminator series in wrong way. See it as inspiration of boom in mobile industry.
Where does this fit in all this?
I know someone who has a beard being given God’s status by a lot. But I wouldn't go down that lane.
Mitron, I don’t want to politicize the issue. 

PS: NOM. It's just a movie review. Pun etc is intended. 


Rahul said…
Finaly I got to know some one who has watched this movie.
Rahul said…
Fianaly I got to know somone who has watched this movie.
Subodh said…
Me and my freinds have been discussing this movie ever since we have seen the promo of this masterpiece but never consider ourselves educated enough to go and pay tribute to this holy film made by God himself. But we need a hero like him... U see, there is a God in this flick who is trying to convince people that he is just a Human, Insaan, Aam Aadmi or whatever. On the other hand we have hundreds who are trying to do other way round. Rajanikant almost bagged that title. We need a hero like him who is not trying to achieve metrosexual look as keeping hairs away from the body all the time is not an easy task mind you. If this ( showing of body hairs) becomes a fashoin statement tell me honestly, won't we save some time and money. What will happen to expensive parlors and sallons is a different topic of debate. That will make Anil kapoor wonder if he's born way ahead of his time. We need a Hero like him because since Govinda has gone, we are missing the colorfull outfits that makes rainbow hiding in clouds. We need a hero like him as in this world of studs and casanovas where morality has taken a back seat, who's got the courage to address hot chicks arround him as Beta. Trust me vibhash, we badly need a Hero like him. Kalyaan ho.

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