The journey begins!!!

We are almost there – just a day away from the Valentine’s Day. It is the day when brigade of modernization gets immersed into color pink whereas custodians of Indian culture want to paint everything saffron. One can expect the same on this V day.
Just that, this V day will be different. A lot different. On this V day, a challenge will begin which lot of us haven’t faced in more than 3 decades – challenge to defend the world cup. It will be quite a challenge because unlike last time, we are in alien conditions and with a team which has out of form batsmen, absent bowlers and oodles of chaos. To add to the complexities and difficulties, almost all the teams are looking better than us.
Maybe this is the reason for mood yet not been set up. Maybe this is the reason this world cup is looking so low key that inaugural function just slipped below my own eyes. Or maybe it was absenteeism of Bollywood which made it a low key affair for TV broadcasters in India. Imagine Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha dancing to the tunes of Main to sooperman in front of Morgan, Clarke and the rest.
Or maybe it is the wish of seeing Team Indian winning world cup coming true last time itself hasn’t left much to be desired this time. I don’t know what the reason is. But this world cup does seem to be the quietest to begin with.
But then, there is no point getting in to the tournament unless you are all up for it. This is the time to set up the mood, get all the adrenal and emotion packaged into a bundle of energy and enjoy the roller coaster ride.
Oh my dear fellow Indians, don’t lose heart.
Don’t let the naysayers, the fair weather fans, rule the ride for you. Let them tell how pathetic our team is. Don’t they tell you the same thing every time? Don’t they always tell you that our team is highly overrated?
Okay. Our openers haven’t been firing as openers for ages. Rohit is good only against weak oppositions or in meaningless matches. But one mustn’t forget – nobody, I repeat nobody, is above the law. Law of averages I mean. Have faith that Rohit will fall prey to law of averages and reverse the trend of being average against excellent oppositions and being excellent against average.
Dhawan will turn up his that side which played in Champions Trophy 2013. Rahane will be our Mr dependable. Virat will play like Virat used to when dark arts of Sharma Empire hadn’t lured him into mediocrity.
People still feel MSD is a fantastic finisher. Alas, MSD hasn’t been in form for 2 years now. But then, he wasn’t in form going into WC11, he wasn’t in form till the final of WC11. But when the moment arrived, he did what MSD does best – winning with a towering hit.
Trust me Raina will start believing blue is yellow. Rayudu will live up to the brand of Hyderabadi Biryani.
People say our bowling isn’t good. We have been good in defending totals in the range of 260-280. Anything out of this range is a problem – be it 200 or 350. I hope our batsmen are mindful of this fact. Bowlers will do the rest. Because they will be at their best.
If there is one player who must click to his true potential for India to have any chances of defending the cup, it has to be SIR. It was SIR’s magic which won us our last ICC trophy. It will have to be his magic again.
Don’t worry folks. We shall do well. We shall rock.
History is with us.
Last time a Modi Juggernaut was brought to a halt, India won the world cup preceding the next IPL. This time, next IPL is in April. World cup ends on 29th march. Ladies & gentlemen, get ready with your #ThankYouAAP hashtags.
While going to office every day in Mumbai local, I used to cross Wankhede from a touching distance. I have done the same for MCG this time.
Last time, everyone did it for Sachin. This time, team has a bigger motivation. They would want to do it for Binny.
Compared to every other team, we have most number of players who have experience of winning the world cup. Others lack this bit. Australians have forgotten how to win the world cup. NZ don’t have a habit of reaching beyond QFs. South Africans choke. Sri Lankans are expert in being first runners up. England don’t look interested in ODIs. Pakistanis are already suffering from hallucinations. West Indies implode. Rest are minnows.
If any team can win it, it is none other than us.
So ladies & gentlemen, get ready, get in the mood, fasten your seatbelts, get ready to fly and cry on 29th of March. Because we are going to win it again.
The journey to win the cup begins tomorrow.


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